CALIBRE: Enduring Solutions That Make A Difference

Joseph A. Martore, CEO
CALIBRE Systems, based in Alexandria, VA, is a management consulting and technology services company that supports both government and industry. CALIBRE delivers enduring solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges. It offers advanced data analytics and management capabilities focused on training, business process operations, logistics, energy programs, and environmental remediation. To support these offerings, the company provides cloud-based IT services, dashboard development, lifecycle software engineering services, website build out, application development, large database design and operations on a worldwide scale.

"Our culture and our performance continue to set us apart," says CALIBRE's CEO, Joseph A. Martore, who believes in a three-pronged approach to sustain stand out performance. The first and foremost approach is quality, which always acts as a key attribute for a successful provider of data analytics services. CALIBRE earned CMMI Level 4 and ISO ratings for product quality assurance. Both CMMI and ISO procedures and ratings highlight CALIBRE's commitment to quality which is focused on delivering enduring solutions that make a difference. Second, the company offers physical and virtual cloud services to host customers’ applications and data. In the government sector, being able to provide secure computational resources is, indeed, a big challenge. CALIBRE operates a facility that connects to the military network. This facility delivers the kind of compliance, control, access, security, and low cost that its customers require. Finally, CALIBRE invests in IR&D programs to help customers innovate and define the "art of the possible" for success.

"We get several 'bumps' from this because we create and maintain a reputation as innovators. We identify what works and what doesn’t work and so, we are able to help customers build their road map of technical solutions," says Martore.
Historically, CALIBRE has provided assistance to the Department of Defense. For these customers, the company provided business process management, software application build outs, network operations, database development, logistics and training support, cyber security, and data analytics. As the company diversified, CALIBRE has added organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and several commercial corporations to their clientele list.

CALIBRE is known for providing effective data-centric solutions to customers in many diverse situations. When the nation went to war in Southwest Asia, the United States saw the largest movement of people, equipment, and supplies since World War II. During that period, CALIBRE developed, deployed, and operated a complex logistics architecture of systems, applications, and analysis that helped customers understand their environment, and improve their internal processes, leading to better cost effectiveness.

"For CALIBRE, data analytics is a core capability that all our vertical services will consume at some point. Specific verticals, where we apply data analytics, will have large amounts of transactional data, complex management challenges, or stringent data security concerns," adds Martore.

These demands often require the capabilities of more than a single company to provide efficient, timely, geographically-distributed solutions. As a result, CALIBRE partners with technology and consulting firms, educational institutions, as well as other enterprises including AT&T, IBM, PwC and George Mason University.

Challenging industry times are not new for CALIBRE. Since the company was founded during the post-Cold War military spending decline, and witnessed rapid growth, CALIBRE is committed to thrive and grow during this new period of budget uncertainty as well. The company's strategy is to deliver enduring and innovative solutions for its customers while diversifying into new markets.


Alexandria, VA

Joseph A. Martore, CEO

Provides enduring solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges