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In America, the free market is extremely competitive, and customers continue to pay for the products and services that keep them complacent. Companies cannot afford for customer service—a regularly criticized facet of business,to be subpar in an economy where customers can essentially fire their service provider.CallMiner pinpoints weaknesses in these call centers, scoring agents based on their language,behaviors, Average Handle Time (AHT), sales closure, and customer satisfaction.

CallMiner Eureka is an enterprise speech analytics platform, meaning that it analyzes 100 percent of every call from start to finish. These detailed voice analytics inform supervisors immediately when customers use language that suggests changing providers or an agent violating telecommunications law. CallMiner also provides the full text of audio snippets and instant playback for quick and easy problem evaluation and also excellent accuracy for both real-time and post call analytics.

CallMiner sees much of its traction with utilities, financial services, debt collections, healthcare and performance marketers. Many people choose the product to automatically monitor the performance of agents, particularly in light of strict telecommunication regulations enforced by the Federal Communications Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. The product is designed with much of these things in mind, alerting agents and supervisowhen an agent fails to read a mini-miranda within the first 30 seconds of the call or when agents in a financial sector say certain phrases or words that pass for a fraudulent claim on behalf of financial services representatives.

Utilities in particular can benefit from CallMiner as the market deregulates and the importance of measuring and improving customer satisfaction and sales increases.
CallMiner has been used to predict customers who are at risk of churn and for improving call center efficiency metrics such as average handle time and first call resolution.

The company’s clientele include Saveology, British Gas, NV Energy, Santander Consumer USA, Bluegreen Vacations, Bank of New York Mellon, Afni and more. To truly understand how scrupulous CallMiner is, the focus should shift to a client environment. A utility firm had 3000 agents on the phone everyday, and the average call times were particularly excessive.With low customer service ratings as well, they constructively observed the opening parts of these phone calls with CallMiner’s trend analysis feature. Through this, they discovered that customer service representatives were asking customers for their information a second time after it had already been provided to the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), despite the fact they were trained not to. CallMiner helped the utility pinpoint what call center this occurred at, the calls it occurred on, and the customer service group that was the source of the problem. They were retrained, but were divided into control groups with and without the use of CallMiner. The group without CallMiner was the one that eventually relapsed into their old habits, proving that the product offers sustained improvement.

“There’s a tremendous amount of growth out in front of us,”said President and CEO of CallMiner Terry Leahy. In 10 years of service, CallMiner’s product has dramatically improved, increasing the sales of its clients and allowing them to access customer intelligence in a matter of clicks. The company now sets its sights on the Asian Pacific region with a desire to spread into several other geographies. They’ve also updated their product, which now analyzes text, SMS, email and social networks in addition to calls. The company’s next big expansion of the CallMiner application involves AB testing for marketing, which tells the enterprise the winning agent behaviors that result in increased sales. With a trail of accomplishments behind and in front of it, CallMiner is an example of what it means to achieve success through quality service.


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Provider of cloud-based conversational analytics solutions for improving agent performance across contact channels.

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