CallVU: Empowering Customers with Digital Self-Service

Ori Faran, Founder & CEO
Dealing with a vendor or service-supplier via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for any simple query or service request should be straightforward and easy. Instead, it is often a big time-waster and frustration-builder for customers. But not for companies that use CallVU’s Digital Engagement platform.

CallVU provides a visual presentation of information and process in place of, or in addition to, IVR—improving and evolving beyond the current voice-only experience for customers and driving digital transformation and adoption.

CallVU redefines customer engagement by serving digital, self-service content over non-digital channels such as voice (phone). Employing its advanced Visual IVR technology, CallVU allows organizations to engage customers in their channel of choice, matching the right channel to intent, carrying context between channels and integrating digital and voice interactions.

CallVU’s innovative and easy-to-adopt Digital Engagement platform augments Visual IVR with Collaboration tools and Service BOTs, blending rich digital and interactive media with the web, app, voice and social channels, all according to customer preferences. In doing so, the company provides a seamless and satisfying omnichannel customer experience and a fully collaborative—fully digital-agent-customer environment.

CallVU cooperatively diverts customers to efficient digital self-service with a progression of helpful content from multiple channels. By enabling customers to switch at will among service channels, CallVU can deliver customer experiences that are far more engaging. Customers and organizations both benefit from a rich and pleasing experience delivered via visual IVR, enhanced collaboration tools, and customer-service bots regardless of whether a client is interacting via a phone call, FB messenger, mobile device or any other convenient channel of choice.

CallVU provides a self-service journey to customers in their channels of choice, by overlaying existing digital channels with social and messaging channels. Diverting simple information requests to a self-service process through engaging media boosts customer acquisition and retention.
Tuval Lava, Executive Chairman & President
Employing a collaborative approach, CallVU identifies the pain points in digital engagement and provides the means to overcome the hiccups of the typical customer journey. The company’s Visual IVR blends interactive media with voice to provide a rich omnichannel customer experience through a visual interface that extends from a standard IVR menu, directing the customer toward self-service options or to an agent as necessary or desired by the consumer. CallVU provides a real-time, co-browsing interface between an agent and the caller, giving them the ability to share documents and online screens, co-sign forms, upload images and even can create an on-the-spot video call to resolve the most complex issues. The result is a full 360 degrees interaction between customers and agents, faster call resolutions and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

CallVU improves the customer experience by providing pleasing and efficient engagement seamlessly across traditional and innovative digital communication channels

Using a traditional IVR system, a CallVU customer in the US, a major financial institution, experienced very high latency in customer service, where the mean time for resolution was almost 30 minutes. By implementing CallVU, the organization boosted its service level, reducing customer wait time to a mere 3 minutes while slashing the number of steps of the average contact from 17 to 5.

CallVU is on a mission to deliver superior digital engagement in every customer’s communication channel of choice. Serving major institutions from telcos, banks, retail companies and other heavily customer-oriented service organizations, CallVU continues to innovate industry-specific customer engagement solutions.


Tel Aviv, Israel & Wilmington, DE

Ori Faran, Founder & CEO and Tuval Lava, Executive Chairman & President

CallVU enables organizations to deliver efficient and engaging digital customeragent experiences while improving operational efficiency