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Lisa Ashby, CEO
Digital dentistry is transforming the way dental care is delivered and practiced today, ushering in a number of advantages, from saving money to improving dental practice’s efficiency. The words “digital dentistry” tend to conjure up a scenario wherein dentists adopt sleek intraoral scanners, flat-screen monitors on a rotating arm for keeping a tab on the processes in real time, the computerization of backend systems and intuitive digital radiography systems, and more. With the evolution of technology and the integration of digital solutions in laboratories, this scenario is no more fantastical. Enter Carestream Dental.

In an ambitious bid to help clinicians go digital to save time and money without sacrificing a high-quality outcome, Carestream Dental has emerged as an enabler of digital transformation with its industry-leading dental digital product lines and services, including imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems, software and practice management solutions. “Dentistry at its core has remained more of a cottage industry since its advent—highly fragmented systems operating in a traditional working environment. In an analog dentistry setting, most organizations follow a lengthy procedure in producing impressions, designing the treatment and prosthetics,” observes Lisa Ashby, CEO, Carestream Dental. “Deploying digital dentistry, Carestream Dental looks forward to revamping product imaging and driving quality in dental treatment—both from the clinical and operational standpoint.”

Backed by Lisa’s more than 25 years of corporate business experience, Carestream Dental is committed to accomplishing its mission to transform dentistry, simplify technology and change lives. That said, the company places user-centered design and interface, humanized technology, and seamless integration of technology into the business workflows at the core of its offerings to drive innovation and deliver unprecedented efficiency. Lisa attributes Carestream Dental’s deep-rooted know-how in the dental imaging market to Kodak Dental Systems and Trophy Digital, two pioneers in the analog dentistry and digital radiography respectively. Contrary to the massive machines at dental offices used for external scans around the oral anatomy for producing images, Carestream Dental’s plug-and-play extraoral imaging scanners are designed to be accessible for patients in any posture while producing high-quality, review-ready images.
In addition, dentists can use the intraoral imaging portfolio to insert a sensor inside the oral cavity to produce digital impressions.

The Carestream Dental practice management software enables clinicians and associates to conduct the entire process of patient acquisition to patient engagement along with patient treatment recording and billing in a holistic manner. The cloud-based practice management software allows users to schedule their tasks, from anywhere, anytime. The company also provides eServices to dental care organizations, thereby ensuring that the patients receive the best possible care through ePayment processes, ePrescriptions, eConnections, eBackup, eReminders, eForms, insurance claims and more.

In one instance, an oral surgeon approached Carestream Dental to implement a hosted practice management software application for managing activities across multiple offices. The implementation of Carestream Dental’s hosted platform helped the client avoid the expense associated with the servers that their previous solution provider had offered. In addition, Carestream Dental also provided ongoing services to ensure security and protecting patient privacy.

Carestream Dental facilitates a client onboarding procedure based on whether the client requires an on-premise system, a hosted environment or a cloud-based application. The company’s dedicated data migration team extracts the data from the clients’ existing systems, followed by which the data is normalized and moved to Carestream Dental’s practice management software databases. On completing the transition, Carestream Dental also equips customers with both onsite as well as virtual training.

Carestream Dental has recently launched an open discussion forum for clients, making way for users to come together and solve each other’s problems. In addition, the company looks forward to launching its cloud-based practice management software in multiple markets and languages, while continuing to invest in CAD/CAM, orthodontics and implantology.

Carestream Dental

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Lisa Ashby, CEO

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