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Vincent Delaroche, Chairman & CEO
As businesses undergo digital transformation, it is essential that Business Intelligence too adopts a digital focus, believes Vincent Delaroche, CEO of CAST. “While business leaders need intelligence to run their companies, Software Intelligence is seen as an expansion of Business Intelligence that enables digital leaders to run theirs,” he adds.

To get software out of the ‘IT black box’ and transformed into an asset that can be mined for smart decision making, organizations must move beyond just relying on software to run operations toward truly understanding the software itself. The software landscape that powers a digital business is enormous and increasingly complex. The structural health of that software determines how quickly new marketing programs can be launched, how smooth customer experience is, how efficient the organization is in meeting business demands, and the likelihood that a software breach can take down services and impact valuation.

According to Delaroche, “Decision makers in IT lack effective means of communicating information about software health, cost, risk and security to other lines of business that also need such data to make investment decisions, plan new market programs and drive business and IT transformation.”

Software is the engine for digital business, yet business leaders are driving blind while pushing the pedal to the metal. As a pioneer and market leader in the Software Intelligence space, CAST has effectively solved this major pain-point: the need for reliable and accurate insights into the structure of complex software systems. This insight is derived from a deep introspection of software systems but presented in business terms that can be used by digital leaders to properly communicate, make informed decisions, drive transformation and protect business units that depend on software.

In an era where the software underpinnings of business are becoming increasingly challenging to manage, CAST provides executives, department heads and developer teams with fact-based analytics to navigate this mounting complexity. The company’s Application Intelligence Platform (CAST AIP) analyzes any kind of software application with unparalleled accuracy by blueprinting transactions, software frameworks, database access and other procedures.

While business leaders need intelligence to run their companies, Software Intelligence is seen as an expansion of Business Intelligence that enables digital leaders to run theirs

CAST AIP’ send-to-end analysis of multi-technology applications identifies technical vulnerabilities in addition to whether an application conforms to architectural best practices, according to standards upheld by the Consortium for IT software Quality (CISQ), which is backed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Based on this analytical framework, AIP then computes quality “grades” about software structural health, which includes the Robustness, Efficiency, Security, Maintainability and Scalability of the application in question.

For a fast, portfolio-level view of software assets, CAST Highlight, a SaaS product, can scan and analyze hundreds of applications within a week, identifying high-risk areas and cost saving opportunities. CAST caters to a clientele comprised of more than 300 organizations in financial services and insurance, telecommunications, public sector firms and others, each of which has derived completely new insights about software productivity and cost.

Currently, CAST has a solid foundation in the US, Europe and India, and is looking forward to growing its presence in China, where the company opened a new branch last year. CAST has built an impressive network of go-to-market partners, many of which have been instrumental in ushering in the eras of Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation, including the Boston Consulting Group. Delaroche feels these partnerships are a major contributor to the success of CAST, which also maintains a healthy ratio of research and development spending.


New York, NY

Vincent Delaroche, Chairman & CEO

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