CellPoint Digital: Orchestrating a Profitable Payments Ecosystem

Kristian Gjerding, CEO The payments ecosystem has undergone drastic changes in the last decade. While the rise of digital sales channels prompted an influx of alternative payment methods, the presence of legacy core systems continued to make the payment ecosystem increasingly fragmented. With different currency conversions and multiple payment options added to the equation, managing the full flow of funds became a laborintensive and complex process for global merchants operating in cross-border environments.

This is where CellPoint Digital, a pioneer of payment orchestration solutions, brings its robust payment orchestration platform into the picture. The platform helps merchants manage the complex addition of digital sales channels and the fragmented payment ecosystem and orchestrate those with legacy core systems.

“Whether you are a single acquirer-single market merchant or an enterprise merchant with multiple acquirers, and anything in between, our platform is built to deliver with ease and effectiveness,” says Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Digital.

CellPoint’s payment orchestration platform is built to streamline the complexity while increasing transaction conversions for merchants and enabling them to sell more on the same flow of prospect clients. The feature-rich platform works radically different from a payment gateway, automating a vast majority of the manual processes and optimizing them in a single unified layer.

“Our unique payment orchestration model helps merchants turn payments from a cost to a profit,” says Gjerding.

Turning Payments from Cost to Profit

When working with multiple acquirers through a traditional payment gateway, merchants often pay huge sums in gateway fees and building and maintaining the technology to run the gateway. Combined with this, the revenue attrition from declined online payment authorizations, resulting reduction in conversion rates and currency complexities make the whole payment ecosystem a ‘cost center’ for the merchants.

CellPoint’s payment orchestration platform significantly reduces this revenue attrition arising from the complexity of payment by boosting acceptance ratios and addressing technical challenges in an expanding ecosystem. The platform intelligently optimizes transactions to boost conversion rates.
On the offchance that a transaction fails, CellPoint offers multiple services on its platform, from stored cards to installment or recurring payments and Buy Now, Pay Later services for the customer to choose from.

CellPoint delivers six to 12 percent of a client’s top-line revenue as an ROI for merchants that have a gateway with two, three, five, or up to 10 acquirers in different markets. For instance, if a merchant’s volume is a billion dollars, CellPoint can deliver between $60 to 120 million in ROI per year.

CellPoint was among the first to market with an endto- end payment orchestration platform and has some leading brands as clients, including Southwest Airlines, Emerites, MTC Gaming and Virgin Atlantic. The platform has been tested to the limits of everything that’s possible within payment orchestration to continuously offer superior functionality including a wide range of features like payby- link, split payment transactions, currency conversion, and fraud protection. With an ever-increasing set of features being built into the platform in terms of intelligent transaction routing, platform access, and standardized information from multiple payment systems, CellPoint enables merchants to move to new markets quickly while continuously optimizing their payment environment.

Spectrum-Wide Integration of Payment Functions

“We offer a full console for onboarding configuration operations as well as monitoring and reporting, including reconciliation,” says Gjerding. The platform is built with a sophisticated rule-based engine that enables clients to easily set up more than a hundred rules for managing how their transactions are routed, along with error handling and attrition mitigation rules. CellPoint allows quick configuration of new payer methods to facilitate PSPacquirer integration into sophisticated commerce platforms.

Our unique payment orchestration model helps merchants turn payments from a cost to a profit

This is made possible with a dedicated global team that handles everything from partnering, contracts, and technical scoping to integration and deployment. CellPoint can perform acquirer integrations, even complex ones, in less than 10 days. The company’s proprietary Integration Factory is capable of getting merchants online incredibly fast.

CellPoint also has a robust reporting engine that converts real-time data and key performance indicators of a client’s platform along with their volume and source of traffic as well as issues in the network into automated reports.

Larger merchants typically want to control how they run the platform as they seek to manage their own domain. As such, CellPoint assists them with the necessary integrations. The company can get large enterprise clients up and running within a few months, depending on the complexity and global footprint of a client and the required number of new integrations.

Built market and acquirer-agnostic, the platform supports multiple markets with the ability to connect to most acquirers on a global basis. Even for single acquirer merchants, the company not only provides value in bottom-line contribution but also offers failover if an acquirer ceases their contract with the merchant.
Restructuring into a Centralized Environment

CellPoint’s clients have helped it become privy to a common complexity issue that its large regional or global clients face while operating in a cross-border environment. These merchants have had to carry out a lot of their services with fewer resources while dealing with revenue attrition. Cellpoint helped them by connecting their processing-acquiring environment to its payment orchestration platform, which also automated several of the clients’ functions. It configured the functions on the platform and got the clients up and running in no time. CellPoint supported their various sales channels and payment methods deployed in different bureaucracies, managing different currencies, handling cross-border transactions, and reconciliation in a centralized environment.

“Whether you are a single acquirer-single market merchant or an enterprise merchant with multiple acquirers, and anything in between, our platform is built to deliver with ease and effectiveness”

After using CellPoint’s platform, the same clients experienced a six percent increase in conversion ratio over their prior status. They observed significant bottom-line contribution with CellPoint’s payment orchestration fixing their ecosystem’s technical drawbacks and failures.

CellPoint also provides clients with an integrated view of their transaction environment, enabling them to manage all transactions easily and act fast on upcoming issues. If a customer is unable to pay with a specific card in a particular region, CellPoint reroutes the transaction in realtime to increase the conversion rate – all with no customer impact. It supports large regional or global merchants with access to its best network of local acquirers for cheaper processing costs.

However, when it comes to mid-market clients, security remains one of the most important elements in their operations. CellPoint has encountered smaller merchants that have been shut down as their processor ran into algorithm issues. It may take several days to solve the problem and that means lost revenue and frustrated customers. In such instances, CellPoint helps with multi acquirer strategies even if the client operates in a single market. Additionally, CellPoint assists midmarket clients that desire to venture into crossborder payments while mitigating the challenges of servicing in a second market.

Having been the market leader in the travel industry since its inception, CellPoint has expanded significantly into non-travel industries. With a proven platform that has been deployed worldwide, CellPoint’s global reach today extends to APAC, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. The company plans to add more services to the platform, such as treasury reconciliation, to go beyond its core payments offering.

As shopping habits increasingly transition into the online environment and consumer purchasing behaviors continue to evolve with alternative payment methods, CellPoint is seizing the opportunity to continuously innovate services, enabling both online and marketplace-based merchants to flourish throughout the entire transformative journey of the digital payments landscape.

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Kristian Gjerding, CEO

CellPoint Digital provides powerful digital payment platforms that enable merchants to simplify their payment solution, unify their customer experience, boost their digital revenues, and reduce their payment costs. CellPoint’s payment orchestration platform significantly reduces revenue attrition by boosting acceptance ratios and addressing technical challenges in an expanding ecosystem.

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