Chatsworth Products (CPI): Built-to-order IT Infrastructure

Michael Custer, CEO
As organizations worldwide rush towards adopting virtualization and cloud storage systems, the need for supporting IT infrastructure is reaching its pinnacle. With network switches and dense blade servers pushing the thermal envelope to an extreme scenario, IT and facility managers are struggling to keep up with the increasing energy costs. A holistic approach is needed to lessen this budgetary strain while maintaining a facility which can enhance equipment, business and operations. Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers flexible cabinet solutions and power monitoring strategies that can reduce cooling energy consumption by up to 90 percent. “The unique combination of exceptional quality, solutions and services helps our clients achieve their data center objectives,” begins Michael Custer, CEO of CPI. Being a practitioner of a unique form of mass-customization—CPI has been developing core competency in build-to-order manufacturing set-up. “We discovered ways to help distribution avoid holding big, expensive enclosures by building only when the customer needed it, and no sooner,” adds Custer.

CPI was formulated to focus on the explosive needs of IT infrastructure equipment and today is one of the global suppliers of integrated solutions that optimize information and communications technology (ICT) equipment. Long before the Cloud, multi-tenant data center operators started buying CPI MegaFrame® server and collocation cabinets leading to the introduction of infinitely configurable TeraFrame® cabinet system. Armed with new CPI Passive Cooling® solutions, the cabinet system disrupts previous notions of thermal management in datacenters by delivering 20+ kW of cooling per server cabinet without the use of energy-consuming active cooling systems.

In order to streamline their datacenter design and operations, Scripps Networks, a media firm whose brands include HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and Great American Country, partnered with CPI for their energy efficient products. CPI assisted the client with passive cooling solutions, which featured F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet Systems with vertical exhaust ducts to help segregate air in a modular and efficient way. Scripps Networks’ data center is now operating with complete hot and cold air isolation and zero hot spots.

We discovered ways to help distribution avoid holding big, expensive enclosures by building only when the customer needed it and no sooner

With more than 92,000 products, the company’s product range includes an extensive line of power management products and technology that deliver reliable and efficient power distribution to all applications. Ranging from the innovative features of eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs), to basic Power Strips and In-Line Meters, each of CPI’s power management products are specifically designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. eConnect PDUs are advanced with high ambient temperature ratings, optional Click Secure Locking Outlets to prevent accidental disconnections and offers detailed monitoring and control down to the outlet level. “eConnect PDU’s are designed to operate with full reliability in the higher temperature environments that provide tremendous energy savings for datacenter operators,” adds Custer.

The company’s application engineering team is a key contributor towards their innovation process. The team’s custom engineered solutions often become front running designs for standard products found in CPI’s catalog. “What our client’s see as our business model output are customer-led solutions, not vendor-led—we do not waste the customer’s time convincing them to buy already built structures,” explains Custer. “We listen and then build them what they want–when they want it.”

In addition to the U.S., CPI has sales offices in Latin America, Canada, China, Singapore, the UAE and the UK catering towards developing products tailored to that region. “Completing 25 years as an employee owned company, we will continue the success for the years to come–not by taking on individual personas-but by an unwavering team commitment,” concludes Custer.

Chatsworth Products

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Michael Custer, CEO

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