Cigniti Technologies: Building Quality Software while Improving Time-to-Market

Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President, North America
It is a constant endeavor for banks to enrich customer experience, accelerate efficiencies by adopting cost-effective operations, and drive revenue by boosting the depth as well as the speed of customer engagement. Though a global shift towards digital payments has led to myriad opportunities, it has also resulted in several concerns regarding security and validation. Moreover, banks today also find it difficult to integrate accessible technology for optimized validation processes. Understanding the need and offering an ‘ideal approach’ to adapt to the digital world is Irving, TX based Cigniti Technologies. “Our cutting edge solutions embrace technology, processes, infrastructure, and tools—enabling banks to accelerate the entire validation procedures through detailed strategies,” explains Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO and President, North America, Cigniti Technologies.

Over the years, several banks have been moving from their legacy systems and have shifted towards the ERP applications—for the added advantage of using their data for strategic planning and delegation purposes. “Being an end to end software testing provider, we help the clients with their ERP application strategy, assisting them with their mitigation and legacy modernization processes. Moreover, we have also been aiding clients with non functional services on the securities side—assessing their network penetration, and compliance standards in ensuring user credentials,” says Govindasamy.

Enabling organizations to adapt to the evolving trends of cloud, big data and social media, Cigniti’s solution is horizontal based for the new technology that the banks are adopting. The company’s test engineering platform SMART is cloud enabled, with ‘Pay As You Go’ model service options. SMART is focused on identifying gaps in the overall lifecycle of the project, in addition to creating tools that can be innovative in providing newer trends and solutions, including analytics.

We constantly incubate all of our thoughts in our innovation, building unique services for our customers

Translating experience and expertise into tools, point solutions and frameworks to initiate Quality Assurance (QA) efforts, SMART reduces 30 percent of initial time for clients to kick start their processes. “We have created mobility integrated solutions for the banks and that has the end to end platform strategy for banking specific compliance validation,” the CTO affirms.

Additionally, Cigniti has created a Banking Financial Services (BFS) center of excellence, with a team that constantly identifies innovation in the banking industry and creates repositories. The com¬pany’s innovation is multi fold—focusing on the business processes, technology aspect and people side of innovation. “We constantly incubate all of our thoughts in our innovation, building unique services for our customers,” reckons Govindasamy. With over 400 projects executed across various banks world-wide, the firm now identifies the current maturity standard of banks. In an example, a client faced a challenge of having its release cycle extended to eight weeks; compared to the one month time frame of their competitors. To solve the hindrance, the company optimized the entire business process to understand the key challenges. Cigniti employed their testing tool and other process based analyses to reduce a significant amount of assess time and created an optimal solution. Moreover, the company automatized the process in the initial life cycle. This end to end automation process aided the client by reducing the time to four weeks.

Empowering banks to have a holistic approach to digital transformation; Cigniti is set to expand worldwide, providing unique solution to the clients. “For the road ahead, we are keen on penetrating into geographies where we have invested and opened our centers. This includes our Asia Pacific presence as well,” Govindasamy exclaims.

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Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President, North America

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