Cireson: Asset Management for the Modern World

Shaun Ericson, Co-founder & Partner
“We passionately believe that Service and Asset Management work better together,” begins Paul Sutton, Co-founder and Partner, Cireson. “Our integrated solutions portfolio of Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management solutions help organizations ensure compliance, reduce costs, and gain control of all their hardware and software assets.”

With decades of experience in Microsoft System Center, Service, and Asset Management, Cireson understands, embraces, and implements underlying best practices in all of their solutions. From free Community Apps that enhance functionality and efficiency to an Enterprise Asset Management solution that can run in Azure or Hyper-V, Cireson is constantly innovating to help organizations maximize their System Center investment.

“Since the beginning, Cireson has been proud of, and committed to, the System Center Community,” continues Shaun Eric¬son, Co-founder and Partner, Cireson. “The Cireson Platform delivers all of your Service and Asset Management needs in one solution, by enhancing the System Center Service Manager and Configuration Manager experience to make you and your team more productive.”

The Cireson Platform uses bleeding-edge technology to solve every-day business challenges, including software true-up management, Windows 10 upgrade readiness, Office 365 migration planning, and more, all while ensuring technical, organizational, and financial alignment.

The Platform is also flexible, scalable, and enables rapid deployment anywhere— cloud, containers, data center, micro-services and virtual machines.

Sitting on the Cireson Platform in Microsoft Azure, Cireson’s Enterprise Asset Management solution helps organizations more easily identify their licensing position in preparation for audit response.

“The proliferation of cloud consumption has brought with it a shift in software licensing models. We are seeing many vendors shift from perpetual licensing to subscription models.
Paul Sutton, Co-founder & Partner
While this may seem like a simplification on the surface, there are often complex rules for customers who wish to transition from a vendor’s perpetual model to their subscription model,” says Sutton.

By building a solution that can be hosted on modern or legacy compute architectures and can ingest data from a wide variety of existing enterprise tools, Cireson helps customers realize rapid time-to-value. Accounting for these variables and the different demands of IT as it functions today, Cireson is able to deliver modern solutions for the modern world—rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our integrated solutions portfolio of Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management solutions helps organizations ensure compliance, reduce costs and gain control of all their hardware and software assets

“At Cireson, we’re laser-focused on the user experience,” Ericson adds. “At the core, we focus on how the user wants to work, rather than forcing them to use an interface of our choice. We like to meet users where they are, putting their needs first. We do this in part through the Cireson Community, an on¬line forum where we’re able to connect customers, part¬ners, and Cireson experts to collaborate, share ideas and capture customer concerns and requests first-hand, enabling us to better prioritize our development to match industry demands.”


San Diego, CA

Shaun Ericson, Co-founder & Partner and Paul Sutton, Co-founder & Partner

Forward thinkers on all things Microsoft Cloud and System Center, Cireson makes your working life ridiculously more productive by bringing Service and Asset Management together