CivicPlus: Fostering Positive and Powerful Civic Experience

Brian Rempe, CEO
Delivering civic services to citizens is at the heart of what most government agencies do. Tasks like attaining permits, booking facilities, paying taxes, and renewing driving licenses are some tangible interactions residents have with the government.

The ubiquitous communication experience in the private sector and the pandemic-induced accelerated online services have raised citizens' expectations for a more transparent and seamless civic experience. Perennially cash-strapped statehouses and town halls, however, fail to address this need as they have various obsolete technologies and systems ingrained into their processes. To ensure positive resident-government interactions, these agencies need to eliminate inefficiencies and embrace a mantra of "doing more with less," which can only be achieved with rapid technology adoption.

That’s precisely where CivicPlus can help.

Founded in 2001, CivicPlus empowers government agencies to proactively leverage the latest technologies and systems to meet civic service-related requirements effectively. The company's Civic Experience Platform and technology solutions are designed to foster positive and powerful civic experiences, allowing clients to ensure exceptional and frictionless interactions with citizens. Government agencies can efficiently operate, serve, and govern while ensuring their every interaction with residents is productive by leveraging CivicPlus's purpose-built, affordable solution suite.

“Our goal is to help municipal leaders transform their interactions with residents into positive experiences to elevate citizens’ satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline operations,” says Brian Rempe, CEO of CivicPlus.

Effective Communication and Engagement Strategy

CivicPlus' Civic Experience Platform encompasses a range of innovative technology solutions, including Municipal Website solutions, Recreation Management software, Mass Notification software, Process Automation and Digital Services, Agenda and Meeting Management solutions, Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing, Compliance solutions, and 311 Citizen Relationship Management software. While each of these solutions is built to solve a specific problem that weighs down clients’ operations, they all work in concert to address a broader issue—getting residents closer to the government.

A suite of proven municipal website solutions offering scalability, integrability, and custom configuration capabilities, CivicPlus’ Municipal Website solutions allow municipal leaders to improve their overall administrative excellence. They enhance inter-departmental collaboration and ensure time-saving workflows while allowing residents to self-service their civic needs. In addition, CivicPlus' ability to deliver tailored mobile responsive websites and tools help clients reach and stay connected to residents.

CivicPlus’ Process Automation and Digital Services solutions offerings’ integrate with clients’ websites or resident engagement portals without any need for programming or coding. Volunteers can use it to browse and apply for community opportunities, while administrative staff or non-profit leaders can approve and manage requests digitally without delays. When residents book appointments with staff through the government website or resident engagement portal, the appointment automatically syncs to the staff member's calendar. The software allows clients to custom-build their scheduling form fields to automate data validations and secure payments.

Apart from providing self-service capabilities for civic services, governments need to demonstrate their positive community impact, accountability, and responsiveness to gain residents’ trust and appreciation. To this end, CivicPlus delivers a comprehensive and robust 311, request management, and resident engagement solution. Its request management system easily integrates with widely used geographic information systems (GIS) and asset management systems to help local governments receive, respond, and report on community issues and repairs. Residents can give feedback and raise questions, inquiries, and requests using its communication tools. The software and its integrated SeeClickFix resident mobile resident app aggregate these messages in a single place and associates them with individual resident profiles for historical reference and administrative triage, assignment, resource management, and resolution.

CivicPlus’ Mass Notification solution allows governments to communicate with residents and travelers quickly to save lives during emergencies and natural disasters. It helps them send time-sensitive information to people via as many channels as possible. This user-friendly multichannel routine and emergency communication system easily integrates with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Integrated Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and enables communicators to draft, test, and approve time-sensitive messages and distribute them to multiple channels for maximum reach and impact.
A Real-Life Illustration of Excellence

A client from Florida used CivicPlus’ Mass Notification system to notify employees and residents about their office closing due to Hurricane Elsa and the situation of the storm to ensure their safety. They posted alerts on their website and constantly provided updates, ensuring residents remained informed. The client also used CivicPlus’ 311 Citizen Relationship Management tool to allow residents to request services under the additional category of storm-related issues.

This client approached CivicPlus to help them implement an integrated suite of communication solutions as they were scrambling with communication and collaboration issues due to multiple incompatible siloed devices. To help the client have a unified communication strategy, CivicPlus integrated a 311, citizen relationship management, and a mass notification solution. This helped the client address residents’ daily issues and storm-related issues through a managed system.

Purpose-built to Enhance Resident Experience

Built by former government leaders, CivicPlus’ solutions portfolio has grown over the years from website building to complete end-to-end solutions for streamlining the civic experience. The company has recently released a new product called CivicPlus Portal that allows residents to self-help for any service with a single login. Citizens no longer require multiple accounts to avail different services like permits and bill payments, ensuring personalized and frictionless service in a single place.

Our goal is to help municipal leaders transform their interactions with residents into positive experiences to elevate citizens’ satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline operations

“Our platform is first-of-its-kind civic experience solution that helps deliver municipal services in personalized and frictionless ways at one-stop,” says Rempe. “We ensure an empowering, effective, and easy way to serve residents and help clients receive positive feedback for their services all the time.”

Taking its growth to the next level, CivicPlus acquired Optimere, a leading provider of digital compliance, accessibility, and records management solutions. Combining Optimere’s ArchiveSocial, Monsido, and NextRequest solutions with the Civic Experience Platform enables communicators to face compliance challenges more efficiently while transforming interactions into consistently positive experiences that elevate resident satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline operations.

Commitment to a Better Future

Focused on building long-term partnerships, CivicPlus strives to support clients even after the solution implementation. The company has a strong implementation team that navigates clients through the journey from choosing a solution to delivering value to residents. These experts walk clients through the process and help them implement and go up and running with CivicPlus’ products, ensuring they cover all aspects crucial to their needs. Its customer success and support teams are available 24/7 to help clients even after implementing a product and launching an initiative for residents.

“When clients choose CivicPlus, they invest in a long-term partnership with over 25 years of experience, an award-winning technical support team, and a growing integrated platform of modern, innovative technology that will continually support them with their digital optimization needs,” says Rempe.

It is the result of this commitment and dedication to service clients that CivicPlus’ customer support team has won nine Stevie Awards. The company is also among the 100 most influential companies in the government tech space for the last seven years.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within its organization, CivicPlus has grown to employ more than 900 employees that serve around 12,000 clients and over 300 million residents across multiple countries. The company aims to continue to build trust between residents and government, ensure government consistently satisfies the residents’ needs, improve revenue for the community, and enhance operational efficiency.


Manhattan, KS

Brian Rempe, CEO

CivicPlus is a government technology company committed to powering and empowering local governments to efficiently operate, serve, and govern using innovative and integrated technology solutions that are purpose-built and supported by former municipal leaders and award-winning support teams.