Clear C2: Fostering Customer-Centric Business Models

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Mickey Patton, CEO
Today’s CRM vendors are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning to promote customer engagement and retention. However, due to an absence of understanding or focus, low CRM adoption rates exist in many businesses today. Founded in 1993, Clear C2 has a long history working with various sizes and types of companies. Their partnership with IBM provided an in-depth understanding of specific pain points pertaining to customer relationships, and business processes, especially in the manufacturing and distribution industries. The company is extremely qualified to satisfy the particular business strategy, sales or marketing requirements of today’s companies through its CRM-based offerings and is commonly referred “more as a partner than as a vendor,” as Mickey Patton, CEO of the company reveals.

If expertise and experience are the primary traits that distinguish Clear C2 from its competitors, their ability to provide comprehensive solutions is the primary element that gives the company a competitive edge. Patton explains, “unlike other CRM vendors that separate from their customers by requiring a 3rd party support model, we implement, integrate, train and support our customers ourselves. Hence, our software and our team listens to you, and far from being just a software provider, we offer necessary service and support accordingly.”

Evidently, years of affinity with IBM has enabled Clear C2 to focus their approach with understanding the business-specific needs of their clients. Today, the company’s clientele—moving beyond manufacturing—includes players from verticals such as healthcare and telecommunications.

User adoption is a main obstacle for any CRM vendor. Clear C2’s flagship solution, C2CRM, can be installed on-site or in the cloud, aims for user-friendly use, with gamification and easy to use interface. In addition to their dedicated focus on increasing adoption rates, C2CRM’s unique value proposition lies in its flexibility and innovation and which includes sales management, customer service, marketing automation, (information) management and business intelligence.

We never outsource any development or any customer service—everything is done in the US-based HQ. So, there is a synergy between customer service, development and sales, and all other areas, and the customer is not handed off even internally

These features allow companies to drive customer-centric business models that ultimately lead to revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Patton describes Clear C2’s support model by saying, “when you call our customer support, you are directly calling to our headquarters. We never outsource any development or any customer service—everything is done in the US-based HQ. So, there is a synergy between customer service, development and sales, and all other areas, and a customer is not handed off even internally.”

Clear C2 believes in long-term customer relations, stating customer success as its core value. The company’s successful partnership with Aiphone, an international manufacturer of intercom systems, shows how the company adopts a project-based strategy to providing customized solutions. In addition to rolling out C2CRM for Aiphone, Clear C2 built a portal that allowed distributors to easily place orders and enabled their marketing team to achieve capabilities that went well beyond that of a CRM. Clear C2 has recently introduced an updated version of their CRM platform, enabling more efficient and seamless data management (in context of visualization) which ultimately encourages user adoption. Clear C2 also focuses on expanding its customer portfolio through direct marketing campaigns and on continuous improvement of its platform.

Clear C2

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Mickey Patton, CEO

Clear C2, a technology solution provider is deeply rooted in the digital world as a leading CRM systems vendor across a variety of enterprise arenas. The company started over two decades ago, and began its humble journey in the software ballpark with a simple contact management solution. Presently, Clear C2 is a robust enterprise CRM that has a simple user interface, and the automation of client relationship management process it offers allows users to dominate their business goals, and scale great heights with data analytics, security compliance, and significant return on investments

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