Cloudaction: Organic Approach to Cloud-Based ITSM

Samir Kumar, President and Co-founder
Technology continues to evolve at the speed of light serving the underlying driver of an organization’s success, regardless of the industry. However, technology is a significant financial investment, and the number of options available is overwhelming across verticals. ITSM is no exception. In a highly competitive ITSM cloud market, technology solution providers generally align with a single ITSM software platform to help customers reap the benefits of the investment.

This limitation is precisely why Samir Kumar, a seasoned professional in cloud advisory and technical services, conceptualized Cloudaction with an aim to become a vendor-neutral agent of change amidst the ongoing “platform war.” The idea is simple yet innovative: Offering customers a new, more flexible choice—a cloud-based ITSM solution built on multiple co-existing platforms. “We are apolitical when it comes to platform. We don’t take a side, where ‘rip and replace’ is the only option for the customer; our mantra is 'co-exist,'” says Kumar, Cloudaction’s president and co-founder.

Tulsa, U.S.-based Cloudaction’s technology and advisory solutions push ITSM beyond the typical service desk automation to make it a strategic business enabler for integrating enterprise processes. The company’s comprehensive business solution spans advisory, implementation, custom and integration, and managed services. Its services are tiered to accommodate any size of business and encompass every aspect in ITSM, from a “quick win” rapid deployment to a “deep dive” strategic implementation.

Cloudaction’s evolution as a leader in ITSM in the cloud continues to be organic, aligning with changes in client needs. Throughout the journey, the company’s modus operandi has centered on extending clients’ ITSM investment by integrating service management with core applications to create business solutions that drive quantifiable value to the enterprise.

Additionally, the team’s Center of Excellence in Pune, India, provides world-class ITSM and cloud development services at competitive prices, contributing a tangible advantage to customers.

We are platform-neutral and don’t believe ‘rip and replace’ is the customer’s only option. Our mantra is ‘co-exist'

The company maintains strong strategic alliances with Salesforce (including its ISV partner BMC Remedyforce) and ServiceNow, the two leading platforms in the cloud computing and ITSM space. At the core, Cloudaction follows a “what’s best for the customer” service philosophy that drove the company to develop the world’s first integration accelerator built entirely on the Salesforce platform— actionHub™—which is the breakthrough innovation forming the foundation of the company’s “co-exist” solution model.

Kumar explains: “If a customer has ServiceNow ITSM installed and also wants to implement Salesforce Service Cloud for customer relationship management, we don’t start from a default position that the customer needs to replace ServiceNow with Salesforce ITSM or vice versa– which is what our competitors have to do because they are married to a single ITSM platform. Instead, we allow the customer to realize better value by integrating both platforms, thus creating a true ‘best of breed’ solution using actionHub. Having this flexibility, and not being boxed into a solution because of a vendor’s platform bias, is why customers value our co-exist approach.”

Evidently, this co-exist approach is the primary rationale as to why renowned names as Weatherford International, Five9, Fairview-Cadillac, InContact and Washington State Department of Agriculture rely on Cloudaction for transforming IT on an enterprise level. With a vision to widen its scope of services, Cloudaction continues to grow its ITSM in the cloud capabilities, adding new seasoned consulting talent, bringing more innovative solution accelerators, and expanding its advisory and technical capabilities. Following this strategy, the company has set the wheels in motion to aid clients in moving forward in their ITSM journey.


Tulsa, OK

Samir Kumar, President and Co-founder

Transforming IT on the enterprise level with a fully integrated, organic ITSM approach