CloudBees: Open Source Innovation for Continuous Delivery

Sacha Labourey, CEO & Founder
In the competitive application economy, the humblest start-ups to the stodgiest enterprises are harnessing the potential Continuous Delivery (CD) enabling a steady flow of changes into production to issue software updates anytime. In a nutshell, an agile journey needs to meet the goals of fast, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI) of software to minimize the period between the conceptualization and the delivery of production-ready software. This is where the partnership between Red Hat and CloudBees stands out in delivering high quality software with faster and affordable solutions. “IT organizations are transitioning to a DevOps culture and adopting continuous delivery as a way to accelerate software development and delivery. As they do this, container technology, microservices and cloud environments become increasingly important to their IT architecture,” says Sacha Labourey, CEO and Founder of CloudBees. With Continuous Delivery as the core offering and vision, CloudBees has joined forces with Red Hat for delivering the best of Platform as a Service to DevOps projects.

Software delivery is often an expensive, risky and time consuming process. Addressing these pain-points of organizations, California based CloudBees, offers efficient CD solutions that suffice client’s software delivery needs of manageability, scalability and security. The firm’s CI and CD solution—CloudBees Jenkins Platform— is a technology platform powered by Red Hat OpenStack® and the open source continuous delivery ecosystem— Jenkins. The combined, affordable, faster and high quality platform is appropriate for enterprises developing and deploying applications on OpenStack. The solution enables developers to curb development costs, accelerate business agility along with curtailing risks faced in software delivery.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform- Private SaaS Edition runs CD as a Service on OpenStack Platform allowing DevOps teams to deploy Jenkins instantly, scale resources and speed up software delivery. Since its inception in 2010, CloudBees has been developing CD solutions based on microservices and container technology supporting business-critical deployments. Off-late, CloudBees announced supporting integrations with Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP).

The powerful combination of CloudBees and Red Hat can empower IT teams to innovate and deliver software quickly and strategically with fewer disruptions

This integration proffers developers with the ability to build, test and deploy applications along with easy management of intricate Jenkins environments across multiple OpenShift clusters. CloudBees Jenkins Platform with JBoss EAP embraces modern IT application approaches such as containers, cloud and microservices helping organizations conform to the latest trends and standards in the industry.

The company has been assisting customers from various industrial domains to get the most out of Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings. In one instance, Florida based supply chain solution provider for digital content, Choose Digital approached CloudBees for marketing first private label marketplace for digital content. Concentrating on the core business, the team at Choose Digital had no time for long development and integration cycles. “We were drawn to continuous integration and continuous delivery because we wanted to avoid the traditional monolithic development approach with its onerous roll backs and integration headaches,” says Mario Cruz, Co-founder and CTO, Choose Digital. In this scenario, the client was looking for a continuous delivery platform with strong support for continuous integration. The CloudBees CD Platform accelerated the development process at Choose Digital by five times and dramatically reduced infrastructure costs.

In a world where applications and software are running almost every business, CloudBees emphasizes on the imperativeness of continuous delivery to enfold success in the modern IT landscape. Surging ahead, the company will continue empowering organizations to respond rapidly to the complex needs of software delivery. “The powerful combination of CloudBees and Red Hat can empower IT teams to innovate and deliver software quickly and strategically with fewer disruptions,” concludes Labourey.


San Jose, CA

Sacha Labourey, CEO & Founder

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