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Robert Clark, President and CEO
In a world where digital transformation of the supply chain is crucial to success, logistics companies are striving to embrace the transition by staying up-to-date with the demands and opportunities by upgrading their core systems. For many smaller businesses, many current solutions to optimize the logistics workflow are over-engineered, too capital intensive and costly to configure and maintain. But being relegated to reliance on paper-based processes, complex spreadsheets, and dated legacy systems leaves them with extensive obligations to manually update other systems. This inefficiency means they not only lag behind the competition curve but due to their critical role in almost every supply chain, they can severely constrain broader supply chain effectiveness. Connecting SMBs with a complete and affordable solution to enable their crucial role in supply chains is the cornerstone of the EKA Omni- TMSTM.

EKA’s end-to-end SaaS-based Transport Management System (TMS) platform, EKA Omni-TMSTM, is built to connect SMBs in logistics. “The platform allows brokers, carriers, and shippers to connect and trade with each other seamlessly, and extend information to their respective trading partners as well, but to do it in the context of running their own business effectively” says Mark Walker, Investor, President, and CIO of EKA. Further, the platform also boasts integrated real-time accounting and reporting packages. The platform digitizes the complete lifecycle of logistics transactions and integrates a broad range of data services to allow each customer to define the right bundle of cost and capabilities for their business. “Flexibility is in our DNA,” quips Walker. “We allow brokers, shippers, and carriers to establish unique markets in the platform, and then streamline the application of business intelligence, automation and smart user interface to get better results.”

Customers connect with their trading partners digitally on EKA’s TMS platform to enjoy the benefits of integration and standardization while still maintaining the flexibility of defining their own priorities as business requirements evolve and business opportunities grow.

We allow brokers, shippers, and carriers to establish unique markets in the platform, and then streamline the application of business intelligence, automation and smart user interface to get better results

EKA extends many features and functionalities of its platform beyond its current broker clients to their partner network. In the coming months the company is set to launch modules for shippers and carriers, capitalizing on a carefully engineered supply chain engine to further extend the benefits of a powerful platform. The company is focused on optimizing the engagements of clients with their partners to help them cut costs and cut deals.

With the careful planning of an experienced and broadly respected leadership team coupled to its growing, dynamic development shop, EKA continues to unleash innovative solutions for the logistics industry. This robust data engine has been designed for the benefits of AI and Blockchain innovations over time as there are opportunities well beyond the boundaries of the typical logistics transaction, but EKA is committed to helping its customers take the first steps of being digitally connected, automated and competitive today with all the urgency and simplicity needed for successful transformation.

This emphasis on supporting people and their work will enable the platform to generate the scale necessary to extrapolate additional untapped value streams from further automation. “Our technology is an enabler of relationships, processes, and analytics,” mentions Walker. Enhancing inter-connectivity among logistics stakeholders, EKA is in a great position to lead in digitally transforming the logistics space.

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Robert Clark, President and CEO

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