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Anuj Sachdeva, CEO
IoT is a game-changer in today’s world. Despite its promising implications, enterprises face challenges in leveraging the technology in a meaningful way. For instance, data transfer within IoT ecosystems revolves around many exit points, from sensors or edge devices, to gateways and eventually to the cloud, all of which can be complicated to streamline. Add to that the need for data consolidation into say, ERP systems, and carry out their analysis. Another major concern is that of end-to-end security at all levels of data acquisition, processing and application.

Clovity successfully counters these challenges and provides its accelerator as an IoT solution for its clients, making use of their best-of-breed technology expertise pertaining to digitization, cloud migration, AI and machine learning. Ideologies of collaboration and transformation are the core guiding principles which enable enterprises to incorporate IoT into their operations and therefore lead to a greater ROI. The communion of understanding complexities in the enterprise arena and its unique IoT approach gives Clovity an edge over its competitors to provide the best in-house, end-to-end solution to its clients.

For successful, transformative IoT deployments, Clovity delivers POCs (proof of concept) that help clients to paint a realistic picture of their IoT vision and allows them to build upon basic infrastructural components before being fully implemented into their operations. Clovity employs the development of use case scenarios to evaluate the market situation and then modify their apps and solutions accordingly. The company’s state-of-the-art, agile Synthesis Framework helps in developing and launching apps successfully and maintains consistency and adaptability of their solutions. By partnering with leading product OEMs, carriers, and service providers, Clovity’s key differentiator is a singular approach to leveraging the ability to monitor and manage all smart connected devices. Clovity’s offerings are comprehensive and transformative, surrounding machine-to-machine learning smart systems with a high-end IoT framework that is scalable and sustainable which in turn positively impact business development.

Clovity has transformed from purely a solution and services play to an end-to end IoT ecosystem play with strong methodology, hardware and connectivity partnerships

Clovity’s core solution is a plug and play framework called CSensorNet. This framework is instrumental in deploying IoT solutions for multiple verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Industrial, Telecom and many more. It has a prime focus on customizable edge to cloud integration and end to end data encryption. The complexity of data transfer from sensors to the edge to the cloud securely is most crucial. With CSensorNet this process is simplified and made more economical than traditional ways of edge to cloud integration.The offering also provides a straightforward comprehensive and compliant set of management tools alongside accurate insights into space and data usage.

With several laurels in its name, Clovity focuses on providing advanced solutions to its clients by incorporating accelerator offerings and partnerships that help to establish secure and robust IoT platforms. In a year, with the leadership of its CEO Anuj Sachdeva and a highly competent and dedicated team, Clovity has built upon its mettle by partnering with Atlassian, Microsoft, Advantech, Dispersive Technologies and Sigfox. This progressive approach has transformed Clovity from “purely a solution or services play to an end-to-end play,” said Sachdeva. Our commitment is to ensure a consistent path to innovation through a plug and play IoT framework of CSensorNet, along with its predictive analytics platform CDataInsights, to initiate cost-saving opportunities and ROI in the field of DevOps, Cloud Migration, Mobility, IT to OT integration, resulting in quicker product launches, and creating a better enterprise management platform.

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Clovity Showcases their Upgraded IoT Healthcare Accelerator CSensorNet at HIMSS19 Conference

Clovity, the digital transformation leader for Connected Devices, who is an industry recognized end-to-end IoT, Data, Cloud and Digital solution provider, the creator of CSensorNet and CDataInsights, has correlated the release of their enhanced IoT Accelerator, CSensorNet with advanced plug and play modules further stimulating the Edge-to-Experience journeys for the Connected Healthcare industry at the upcoming HIMSS19 Conference in Orlando, FL on Feb 11, 2019. Given Clovity’s strong association with Enterprise and Fast-paced companies in Healthcare from Ideation to Transformation, Clovity has been curating its IoT Accelerator keeping in mind the technology challenges faced by Connected Healthcare industry and thus providing the necessary impetus to implement sophisticated and multi-faceted connected devices & sensors utilizing a variety of different frequencies for a unified and futuristic Healthcare experience. With Clovity’s deep focus on the Healthcare, Biotech, Healthtech and Life Science industries, its latest innovation reduces development times by substantially and provide end to end edge to experience deployments and data integration seamless through various enterprise systems and touchpoints no matter the complexity.

The CSensorNet Healthcare IoT Accelerator boasts new features include Edge Computing, Device Management, Security Encryption, Data Management, User Experience, Data Visualization, and Workflow capabilities providing critical infrastructure to support today’s IoT initiatives. Once deployed this platform can successfully integrate 3rd party services, 3rd part devices, and a Notification engine. With its ability to support Ultrasonic Sensors, Motion Sensors, LDR Light Sensors, Temperature sensors, and at least 80% of current sensors on the market, it becomes a clear choice for those in the healthcare field looking for a long-term, scalable solution.

Clovity’s has already conducted successful deployments and expects their innovative platform to cater very effectively to their existing and new client base in the Healthcare industries focused on scalability, security, and RoI. Connected Healthcare use cases like asset tracking, personnel tracking, way-finding, optimization, Post-Acute Health Monitoring, Continuous Health Monitoring, Telehealth, Medication management, Monitoring and infusion, lab quality control, critical asset temperature monitoring, compliance, and many others will integrate seamless with the CSensorNet IoT Healthcare accelerator turning high and low output devices into a cohesive and encrypted data stream for ingestion. With the right data engineering, cloud partitioning, and user experience to finalize the solution, Clovity can quickly provide greater understanding of the workflow for a complex organization, from people to machinery.

Anuj Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer of Clovity, said that “our further refinements and improvements to the CSensorNet platform were tailored very specifically keeping in mind our Connected Healthcare customers across Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries due to its heavy data loads, edge computing needs, encryption, sensor hardware, frequency variations and solution complexity.” He adds, “The Cloud agnostic CSensorNet IoT Healthcare accelerator will help enable speed to market and cost reductions in our customers IoT roadmaps while delivering NextGen functionality and connectivity, all built with underlying security layers.

Clovity is deeply invested in the healthcare technology revolution fueled by IoT connected devices and wearables. Edge computing, cloud technologies, sensors, and AI/ML will quickly revolutionize the level of patient care and product quality corporations are able to provide to consumers.


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Anuj Sachdeva, CEO

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