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Baron K. Davis, CEO and Hugh Alexander, CTO
The breadth and depth of data available for financial research is growing at a rapid pace. What used to be daily price and volume data sets has now grown to become order by order streaming data feeds, unstructured social media data, even geospatial imagery. Data issues like tracking assets through time sound like simple problems but are actually quite difficult challenges.

Even with large and well-known data vendors, financial organizations often find themselves straddled with significant data quality issues. As Baron K. Davis, CEO, Code Willing asserts, “Rather than using a large player that taps into multiple verticals, we think it’s better to hire a firm that understands the data specific to the finance industry. This goes a long way in processing financial data quickly and efficiently.” Code Willing, a financial technology startup, converts this idea into actionable insights for its clients. In addition, Code Willing provides data pipeline and management services to the financial industry. “We are familiar with a broad set of financial data sets, and that experience helps us quickly onboard new data from new, emerging data vendors. We understand difficult data issues facing our clients such as data quality and provide them with appropriate data management services at an affordable price,” states Davis.

Quantitative research of time-series data has become increasingly important in the financial industry. Code Willing offers an end to end platform to help financial institutions with quantitative analytics and the development, deployment, and maintenance of models that are used for financial decision support. They specialize in cloud-based technology and have built a system to manage time-series data and provide data quality services exclusively designed for financial markets. Hugh Alexander, CTO, Code Willing, explains, “We assist our clients with their financial research initiatives by taking care of the groundwork on ingesting and cleaning the raw materials they need, then storing their data into efficient formats for large scale processing.
We expose that data via our platform through the very popular Jupyter notebook interface.”

The platform includes a backtesting environment that enables simulated trading on financial data producing several performance metrics. Fundamentally the platform is designed to have both a ‘paper’ and a ‘production’ trading mode. “By using the exact same software for both simulation and sending production orders you eliminate any possibility of error from misalignment of development and production environments,” adds Alexander.

Code Willing also engages in public service programs which build credibility with customers by providing public outreach. One recent example, Code Willing provided the infrastructure to assist a client in a partnership with a leading technical institution. A group of interns at this institution was struggling with inadequate data storage and computing power. Together they utilized the Code Willing cloud-based infrastructure to complete a large scale financial research project by using the platform as a resource for a financial modeling project based on machine learning. Code Willing’s cloud-based financial technology and their data expertise allowed the students to successfully conduct their research. This type of public outreach helps build credibility in the financial industry and also provides valuable feedback enabling Code Willing to build a more robust platform.

Code Willing is highly familiar with the intricacies of financial data and plans to roll out new and unique sources into the market as a part of the company’s alternative data source initiatives. “As we go forward, we have envisioned extending our expertise into other domains that can make optimum usage of the time-series data such as automotive, energy, and the medical industry, and this will be the direction that we’ll be steering our organization,” concludes Davis.

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Baron K. Davis, CEO and Hugh Alexander, CTO

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