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Denis Sánchez, Vice President, Operational Excellence
The pandemic has led supply chain operations into a bout of turmoil. Fortunately, we are gradually coming out of the unprecedented disruptions. The situation necessitates businesses to have visibility into the risks across multi-tier supply networks to make their operations more resilient. To achieve this, companies need to ensure that suppliers meet direct risk management requirements and broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) provisions.

Enter Cognibox a leading supply chain safety and risk management solutions provider.

“We provide advanced risk visibility and qualifications management technology and then we walk our customers through the entire compliance screening and management processes,” says Denis Sánchez, Vice President, Operational Excellence, Cognibox.

Cognibox covers all aspects of outsourcing and provides comprehensive administrative support. The company recognizes that risks vary with industry, region, and supply chain structure. Clients benefit from the body of knowledge Cognibox has accumulated through decades of global implementations to build solutions that fit their individual business needs. Then its teams manage all aspects of the integration of the solution within their business processes and culture, as well as its deployment across their organization and supply chain. Once implemented, Cognibox works with buying organizations and suppliers at an individual level. Throughout the process, buyers and risk managers have complete visibility of the risk profile and preparedness of their suppliers by using Cognibox’s cloud-based system that provides real-time data at various levels to guide their sourcing and vendor management decisions.

What separates Cognibox is the combination of experience, people and the solution that the company brings. First, its experience in managing different phases of the contractor risk management lifecycle has allowed Cognibox to craft solutions that are based on a combination of global best practices, industry trends, and local regulatory requirements. Further, Cognibox’s people are key drivers of its success as they lead their technology innovation and deliver services that allow customers to thrive.
Lastly, Cognibox’s offering addresses all phases of the contractor safety management lifecycle, and its e-learning system is critical to developing the skills and qualifications that provide contractors with a competitive advantage in a fractured labor market.

Cognibox’s unique capabilities have enabled it to serve numerous clients across different industry verticals, including pulp and paper, construction, energy, and mining. In one instance, a leading mining company wanted to achieve its zero harm targets but struggled with the high impact of its efforts on procurement, health and safety, production, and maintenance. After partnering with Cognibox and using its technology and services, they were able to move from prequalifying only their few top spend contractors to managing risk for all contractors based on their individual scope of work. And this happened without any disruption to their business or additional resources.

We provide advanced risk visibility and qualifications management technology and then we walk our customers through the entire compliance screening and management processes

Cognibox was also approached by a leading forest products company. They were struggling with standardizing contractor risk management across their sites in Canada and the U.S. A contractor fatality had sparked high fines, downtime costs, and reputational damage to the company. As a result, they asked Cognibox to help them standardize their risk management process across all sites and provide enterprise-level visibility into the results. A year later, they had successfully rolled out the Cognibox solution and prequalified 2,500 contractors across North America through a standard corporate program that managed risk dynamically.

“We continue expanding the scope of our technology and services to align it with our customers’ own ESG agendas and support their efforts by ensuring that they collect critical actionable data across large, interconnected supply chains and work with safe, environmentally, and socially responsible suppliers,” says Sánchez.


Québec, Canada

Denis Sánchez, Vice President, Operational Excellence

Cognibox develops end-to-end solutions for training, contractor management, and employee compliance and its products and services connect businesses by facilitating the relationship between contractors and client corporations. They help large industry leaders —like ThermoFisher, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa.