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Taj Manku, Co-Founder & CEO
In today’s digitized and interconnected world, WiFi signals travel across all homes. Cognitive Systems adds value to these single-purpose signals by leveraging them to sense motion. The company uses these frequencies to make houses smarter, energy efficient and secure. Cognitive Systems’ passion for innovation led to the development of ground-breaking technologies in tune with dynamic market trends. This has enabled it to attain several intellectual property rights—especially in the wireless communication landscape—including over 35 granted patents and more than 135 pending.

Cognitive Systems’ flagship solution, Aura WiFi Motion™, is capable of sensing changes that occur in WiFi signals as a result of motion. The software captures these motion changes, correlates them, and provides context for necessary follow-up actions at the point where motion occurs. “We provide a solution that makes a WiFi router a motion sensor without any additional hardware. We layer new functionality onto existing WiFi networks for applications ranging across security, smart home automation, and wellness monitoring,” says Taj Manku, co-founder & CEO of Cognitive Systems.

Aura WiFi Motion™ is capable of “seeing through darkness and walls.” Cognitive Systems harnesses machine learning and AI to classify and localize motion, which eliminates false security notifications. The software that runs on the WiFi access point device aggregates information, provides motion context and sends updates to user devices and applications. WiFi chipset and router manufacturers can deploy Cognitive Systems’ tech-stack for providing motion sensing capability. As a result, WiFi-enabled devices such as smart plugs, thermostats, lights, appliances, and even smart speakers such as Google home and Alexa, can be rendered with the capability to detect motion.

“We compute on the edge – our core operations are carried out only on Access Point devices,” adds Manku. This allows for cost-effective operation with minimum cloud resource utilization. The company uses the cloud only for user authentication, historical data storage and for interacting with other applications. Additionally, Cognitive Systems designs all device-compatible algorithms to support multiple access point devices, including mesh type systems that are gaining significance in the present market space. The firm employs stringent QA processes to ensure the utmost quality in the solutions that it delivers.

We provide a solution that makes a WiFi router a motion sensor without any additional hardware. We layer new functionality onto existing WiFi networks for applications ranging across security, smart home automation, and wellness monitoring

In addition to security and smart home automation, a noteworthy use case of Aura WiFi Motion™ pertains to wellness monitoring and elder care. The success story of one of Cognitive Systems’ clients— Switzerland based multi-national entity, Stanley Security—best exemplifies the value proposition of their offering. Realizing that older adults do not entertain monitoring cameras and wearable devices, Stanley security was looking for an alternative solution for their clients in the elder care space. Using Cognitive Systems’ tech-stack, the company was able to add value to its existing product line to provide timely notifications to caregivers about older adults’ activities. This not only relieved the caregivers from shelling out money for wearable devices and cameras but also provided the elder “a feeling that they are being cared for around-the-clock,” as Manku mentions. Aura WiFi Motion™ provides peace of mind for those who live alone and those who care about them, an ideal solution to support healthy aging in place.

With a clear picture on its roadmap, Cognitive Systems plans to add more features to its solution to enhance customer satisfaction and support a broader range of use cases. The firm is developing algorithms capable of determining the number of people in rooms, recognizing instances of people falling, and analyzing breathing rates to discern sleep intensity—capabilities that will be valuable for caregivers. Cognitive Systems’ ability to sense motion through WiFi signals is cutting-edge technology with limitless possibilities for future applications.

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Cognitive Systems Partners With Quantenna to Deliver the Truly Smart Home Experience

WATERLOO, Ontario - Cognitive Systems Corp. today announced that its patented Aura WiFi Motion™ technology will become a standard option for customers developing products based on the Quantenna® platform, in 2019.

Companies using Quantenna’s leading-edge Wi-Fi chipset technology will be able to license Aura WiFi Motion for use in their offerings, and millions of existing and future connected devices will leverage Aura’s advanced motion detection without the need for design changes or additional hardware. Together, Cognitive and Quantenna will enable home monitoring, remote monitoring (e.g., rental properties or elder care), and energy management, to create a truly smart home.

Cognitive’s WiFi Motion technology offers high-performance detection and localization of motion, validated by rigorous quality assurance testing in diverse, real-world environments, under a variety of stressed conditions. Cognitive is committed to the productization and mass deployment of its disruptive technology, which amplifies the utility of wireless networks beyond communication, and towards indoor environmental RF sensing.

“With Aura WiFi Motion, Cognitive Systems and Quantenna can leverage sophisticated signal processing and machine learning algorithms — all running at the edge — to enable robust detection and localization of motion within wireless environments,” said Dr. Nebu John Mathai, Executive Vice-President, Product Engineering, at Cognitive Systems. “In conjunction with Aura WiFi Motion, the Quantenna platform provides full home coverage — economically — and can leverage existing Wi-Fi client device deployments: no additional hardware required.”

By incorporating Aura WiFi Motion, end-users will experience a fully connected, customizable smart home with complete Wi-Fi coverage, remote monitoring, and energy management. For router companies, this integration enables other services that can be monetized without the need for additional hardware — and at a low cost. This generates additional revenue streams and differentiates products from the competition.

“As a global leader in high-performance Wi-Fi solutions, Quantenna aims to continually deliver innovative features and services that enhance user experience,” said Ambroise Popper, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Marketing, at Quantenna Communications. “With the addition of Aura WiFi Motion as a standard option for our customers, we are another step closer to achieving our vision of the widespread and advanced usage of Wi-Fi technology.”

The strategic partnership between Cognitive Systems and Quantenna enables companies selling single access points and home gateways to leverage the advanced motion detection software in their connected products. This serves to advance the smart home industry for manufacturers and consumers alike, as the solution uses cutting-edge radio frequency motion algorithms and machine learning technology to allow people to monitor their homes without cameras or additional hardware.

Cognitive Systems

Waterloo, ON

Taj Manku, Co-Founder & CEO

Enables WiFi devices to sense motion without the need for additional hardware

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