Color More Lines: A Boutique Approach to Ramping Up E-Commerce Sales

Josh Levine, Managing Partner
Amazon and Walmart have become popular destinations for small and growing businesses trying to sell their products worldwide. According to Insider Intelligence, a joint research arm of the eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence, Amazon accounts for over 41 percent of all U.S. retail ecommerce sales, followed by Walmart.

As sellers vie for the top position in the coveted Amazon and Walmart listings, they are increasingly getting bogged down with the administrative tasks related to product visibility. Even if they outsource the management of their seller and vendor accounts to reduce the burden, the cookie-cutter approach of third-party agency account management fails to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Filling this specialization gap with its boutique account management that facilitates rapid growth is Color More Lines—a company established by a group of former Amazon and Walmart sellers.

Led by an A-Team of industry experts that knows the ins and outs of the two marketplaces, Color More Lines is pushing its clients' products higher up the listings on Amazon and Walmart. "Unlike large agencies that promise service through their A-Teams but must fulfill through their C-Teams based on their size, we are a boutique agency with an A-Team of 30 experts with a white glove approach to solving problems that helps brands grow faster," says Josh Levine, Managing Partner, Color More Lines. The team specializes in marketing, advertising, financial strategy, listing, inventory, and crisis management—everything needed to excel in these marketplaces. With these competencies, Color More Lines meticulously assesses the touchpoints of the constantly changing Amazon and Walmart algorithms and accordingly manages both the seller and vendor accounts, enabling consistent and sustainable sales performance.

Such capabilities of Color More Lines are bolstered by the company's algorithmic data processing approach. Amazon and Walmart generate massive amounts of product performance and sales data, and manually sorting this can take away focus from critical business operations. With Color More Lines' bespoke AI model, the comprehensive sales information and performance reports automatically turn into actionable insights, helping clients quickly prioritize and grow their best-selling products in the marketplace.

Furthermore, through an interactive client portal, the company facilitates secure and seamless access to crucial insights— including their P&L statements. The portal categorizes the insights based on profitability, sales by product, sales trends, and advertising reach.
The daily and weekly reports generated by the portal help clients outline the marketplaces' challenges, support strategy development to address them, and quantifiably track how the new strategies are driving growth. With Color More Lines' client portal, customers can also forecast and monitor their inventory and quickly replenish it before the best-selling products go out of stock. This is important because stock-outs negatively affect sellers' organic ranking and give competitors a chance to take away sales.

Unlike large agencies that promise service through their A-Teams but must fulfill through their C-Teams based on their size, we are a boutique agency with an A-Team of 30 experts with a white glove approach to solving problems that helps brands grow faster

These capabilities are exemplified in a recent instance where Color More Lines assisted a manufacturer in enhancing its listing position on Amazon and increasing sales. The client was competing with illegal resellers for a particular product, and the client's click-through rate was degrading as the product page did not display the 'buy box' due to several illegal resellers selling the same product. In a case like this, Amazon shows several 'Buying Options' instead of the 'Buy' button, which resulted in the manufacturer having to compete with others. With its marketplace knowledge, Color More Lines removed over 100 illegal resellers and ranked the client for the critical keywords to drive sales. One year later, the click-through rate spiked, and the client could drive revenue from $5,000 to over $100,000 a month within one year.

With several similar success stories, the company's success rate is phenomenal in the industry. Vendors and sellers highly value Color More Lines' performance-based pricing because instead of locking clients into rigid contracts, Color More Lines believes in growing in tandem with their businesses, fostering long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Moving forward, the company will stay on the cutting edge of the algorithmic changes on Amazon and Walmart, and propel e-commerce companies to best in class within their respective Amazon and Walmart marketplace categories.

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Color More Lines is a global e-commerce and advertising management company managed by an A-Team of industry experts whose financial incentives are performance-based, aligned with client interests, and tied to their success. This allows mission driven companies to focus on new product development, branding and growth strategies vs. the mechanics of e-commerce

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