Education Dynamics, Inc.: Making Student Information Management Simple and Easy

Education Dynamics, Inc.: Making Student Information Management Simple And Easy

Today, the ever-growing requirements of schools and other learning institutions are changing the dynamics of the education sector. Increased demand for more data and record keeping is putting a lot of pressure on the teachers and staff, who are expected to deliver more accurate tracking, measurement, and reporting of grades and behavior of students. This is where an efficient student management system plays an important role. StudentTrac from Education Dynamics, Inc. (EDI), a privately held company in Pasadena, CA, is one such innovative student information system (SIS), that allows teachers and administrators to track not only student attendance and grades but also all the forms and reports required to run a compliant independent study program. “Our aim is to create a strong technology supported environment for the staff, thereby enabling them to focus on what they do best— educating students,” begins Richard Williams, director of software engineering at EDI. “To that end, we have designed and developed StudentTrac to be a complete web-based SIS that bridges the gap between teachers, students, and parents, allowing them to collaborate for student success within a secure environment.” The system was created with a prime focus on independent study schools and charters.

Built using cutting-edge technology and leveraging years of experience, the system eases the education process by establishing a wider link between students, teachers, parents, and administration. StudentTrac provides homework assignments, grades, attendance, and notes that the teachers need to communicate with parents and students. A key facet of StudentTrac is it has multiple planning guide (MPG) capability that allows easy tracking of courses and credits, as well as intelligent education plan management. “Guides makes it easy for the staff to assign courses, monitor graduation requirements, and switch between multiple paths of graduation to determine the best option for a student,” adds Williams.

StudentTrac is an application that can be easily downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet and used on the go. When a user logs into StudentTrac, it displays an application navigator on the left with various features such as student search bar, guides, student information, registration, and external and state assessments—all of which provide access to the required information.

Our aim is to create a strong technology supported environment for the staff, thereby enabling them to focus on what they do best— educating students

For example, Guides helps track courses, credits, and grade point average. The Registration module, on the other hand, not only handles registering for school years and semesters, but also other extracurricular programs such as Blackbird Farm and Rocky Mountain Ridge Camps. StudentTrac can also be connected to third-party software such as APEX, Edmentum, and Edgenuity. “We recently added badging to the system to motivate and reward student achievement,” says William. The SIS and all of the other EDI services are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of a particular educational institution.

EDI’s forte lies in their ability to understand the everyday needs of educational institutions and, accordingly, provide solutions. This proficiency has enabled them to empower over 174 schools and 32 charters schools across AZ, CA, ID, IL, LA, and TN with custom SIS software, desktop support, server, and maintenance support while meeting all of their technology needs. The company recently released a new, re-designed version of their web-based SIS that improves the speed of operations. “User can now access EDI’s SIS from anywhere through their tablet or smartphone,” says Williams.

For the future, the company is planning on making the software much more responsive than it is today to handle the various concurrency issues in a better manner and add more third-party connections. In addition, they are also planning on incorporating a communication feedback feature. “We will continue to work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop customized solutions that will ‘help education grow,’” wraps up Williams.