MCPc Imaging and Printing: Enhancing Print Control Environment For All

Mcpc Imaging And Printing: Enhancing Print Control Environment For All

CIO Vendor The dramatic change in customers’ approach towards print management environment is disrupting the industry. “Customers are less focused on the printer, its feeds and speeds, but more focused on the technology that is wrapped around that box,” says Gina Vincent, CEO of MCPc Imaging and Printing, LLC. Today, the customers are more concerned about access and security of intellectual and personal information,rather than the printer itself.

MCPc Imaging and Printing, LLC provides print related products and services that help improve business savings by structuring an efficient and streamlined workflow. Set up in 1976 by Paul Tamburrino Sr., MCPc Imaging and Printing has grown from the role of a copier provider to a full-fledged print management, software and analytics company. Today, the company is run by the next generation of Tamburrino’s, with daughter Gina Vincent as the CEO.

MCPc Imaging and Printing’s services range from print management and outsource printing to consulting and analytics for the printing industry. Everything the firm does revolves around helping clients save time and money. “As an example, after looking at one of our customers’ on-site print production infrastructure, the client chose our offsite print offering to meet their cost reduction targets. We set up a customized electronic store front, so they could order marketing collateral as needed, not in bulk quantities.

Customers are less focused on the printer, its feeds and speeds, but more focused on the technology that is wrapped around that box

We enhanced the consistency of collateral by utilizing content management processes to ensure version control.

As a result, the client could easily order collateral and not worry that their order may not be the most current or latest version,” explains Gina on the various strategies used by the company to improve print business with clients.

Prominent among MCPc Imaging and Printing’s print management program is their Page Pilot Remote Monitoring Software. Running in the background on the client’s server, this software keeps track of each printing device on daily basis and uploads the information to a central server. Users can login and access this data on the device’s usage, supply and service, helping them better manage the print devices. “At MCPc Imaging and Printing, LLC, our goal is to make print management as easy and efficient as possible. Page Pilot helps us manage the devices so you don’t have to,” adds Gina.

The company also adds in its key analytical approach, which basically positions customers with all the tools to arrive at a right decision. “As an Analyst, we provide a very unique service. If you look at the existing print landscape, users tend to replace printer fleets every five years.

Through our “Useful life Analysis” approach, we research the print usage on a monthly basis and build a statistical analytic report. Through this, our customers can understand the approach to be used for attaining a cost reduction to their fleet usage,” Gina highlights. MCPc Imaging & Printing also maintains a strong partnership with HP as “Gold-Managed-Print-Advanced-Specialist”. Through this collaboration, HP can access MCPc Imaging and Printing for inputs and additional features for their solutions.

Looking to the future, apart from a definite decline of pages and an increasing pressure on cost reduction, Gina sees two other factors that will have a positive impact on their overall print solutions business outlook: “We will offer more consulting services and will continue with our analytical approach providing customers with actionable usage data.”