Kenesto: Powering Engineering Design Projects through the Cloud

Kenesto: Powering Engineering Design Projects Through The Cloud

CIO Vendor Kenesto helps companies organize, manage and collaborate around projects, files, tasks, business processes, and other related data needed for bringing engineering design projects from concept to reality. Based in Waltham MA,in the heart of Boston’s 128 technology corridor, Kenesto is uniquely optimized for enabling collaboration both internally and with external partners and extended team members for AEC, Manufacturing, Process & Plant, and Supply-chain customers.

“We realized from the outset that engineering design companies need to easily, yet securely collaborate and manage project execution and data with internal and external team members and other process participants. We therefore architected our solution to provide each customer with a dedicated cloud tenant for capturing, managing and collaborating around associated design project information, offering the level of security required by the most demanding IT departments. Yet, at the same time, we’ve focused on delivering capabilities that are simple to learn and use, highly flexible, and that provide value to our customers from the moment they first log in. Our team has also focused on delivering innovative capabilities that are simply not addressed by other tools in the market,” says Stephen Bodnar, Kenesto’s SVP of Product and Strategy.

Kenesto offers a strong feature-set with a unique breadth of capabilities to support functions such as engineering and design review, procurement and bid processes, requirements management, supplier collaboration, change management, new product introduction, BOM management, regulatory compliance and more.

Kenesto is focused on delivering innovative capabilities that are simply not addressed by other solutions in the market

Kenesto’s file management capabilities allow documents to be stored, shared, versioned, and connected to other data, tasks and processes in the system. Kenesto’s task engine offers full task execution and management, with dependencies. Documents, data items, external links, and more can be shared and/or attached to tasks for greater efficiency. Additionally, Kenesto supports a complete workflow process engine, where workflow processes can be predefined then executed; yet it also offers the unique ability for processes to be captured while people work, identifying process inefficiencies, or to be stored as templates and re-used. Processes can be connected together and/or set as dependencies for other tasks—a unique intersection of task and process management not found in other solutions. Kenesto also supports integration to third party tools, which allows them to extend their capabilities to documents and information contained in other systems. Their integration to Dropbox, for example, allows them to extend their rich set of capabilities to documents contained in Dropbox. Workspaces allow all of this to be organized around projects, communities of people, processes, data sets, etc.

Kenesto’s information engine allows for nearly any custom information type to be defined for easy and secure record creation, display, tracking and management by users across the system. Its powerful dynamic data model allows for hierarchical lists to support bills of-materials, quantity-take-offs and many other design project data types.

Kenesto also makes use of today’s social constructs, but in a way that makes sense for business users. Every item in the system, including documents, tasks and workflows, are augmented through a connected discussion. Stand-alone discussions can also be started to enable team members and groups to engage more effectively around project topics.

Going forward, Kenesto has several exciting new capabilities being prepared for release, which will continue to make them stand-out in this space.