TexelQ: Collaborating Vast Business Arenas

Texelq: Collaborating Vast Business Arenas

With engineering design process getting ever more sophisticated and complex, the need for specialized firms with strong holds over the multi-step procedure to develop a high-end product is paramount. Headquartered in Sturtevant, WI, TexelQ focuses on design services and offers global, engineering design solutions and quick turnaround times with the ease, efficiency and clear communication of personalized local account representation.

“We have the cost advantage of using low cost resources from countries with greater availability but we always provide an onsite U.S. program manager or project manager so that our customers are dealing face to face with our people and do not have to deal with overseas communication. We are also a one stop shop—while some organizations emphasize on testing, or analysis, or CAD, we specialize in all of these,” says Jon Hitt, President and COO of TexelQ.

Operating from two distinct locations—U.S. and India—TexelQ provides design services across a span of expertise. The company covers the entire spectrum of CAD services, from concept to component and assembly design. With in depth focus on manufacturing feasibility, functionality and quality requirements, the engineering team delivers optimal designs. TexelQ follows the APQP process to eliminate risk in developing detailed designs with interference and tolerance checks and detailed bills of materials.

We systematically adapt our 3D models and designs to industry standard software

Combining the engineering expertise with thorough analysis of clients’ product, TexelQ excels in reverse engineering requirements as well.
It utilizes complex surfacing techniques to build accurate 3D models and captures data to ensure a quality end product. The company’s local team works directly with the client, communicating their requirements to its highly skilled India-based engineers for creation of superior 2D detailed drawings and customized 3D models with Class A surfacing that are adaptable to any format.

“We systematically adapt our 3D models and designs to industry standard software. Our engineering team is well-versed in numerous design formats and guarantees software compatibility,” says Hitt, who is passionate about engineering and holds two patents in the U.S. and one in Europe.

The various software used by TexelQ for its design work are Catia, Pro-E, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Ansys, and AutoCAD. The company is involved in rapid prototyping with capabilities skillfully designed, constructed and tested to enhance precision for every product need. It has in-house, vast network of prototyping resources; expertise in both part and complete assembly prototypes; proficiencies in machining, fabrications, rapid prototyping, SLA and 3D printing; and cutting edge technology for castings, fabrications and molds.

TexelQ’s engineering knowledge extends across industries from automotive, medical, commercial vehicle, construction, agriculture, aerospace and defense to industrial equipment and projects. The global client base of TexelQ includes AVL, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, Ford Motor Company, Harley Davidson Motor Company, Navistar and Parker Hannifin, among others.

Moving ahead, Hitt confirms to broaden the company’s reach—“We are a multi-regional company and would like to expand our reach globally in the years to come. We are keeping an eye on the technology that we support and always thrive to be in the leading edge of software update and technological advancements.