AOPEN America: Future-Ready AIoT Solutions for Seamless Digital Transformation

Aopen America: Future-Ready Aiot Solutions For Seamless Digital Transformation

As digital transformation initiatives become common place among global enterprise brands, these initiatives become increasingly ambitious. Advancing these initiatives has quickly become a top priority and a key objective. With ambitious digital transformation come some fundamental business challenges: data silos, privacy concerns, security issues. Cutting-edge cloud solutions mitigate these challenges - to a point. AOPEN works with top global brands across multiple industries to deliver future-proof AIoT solutions, while supporting swift, effective adoption.

AOPEN is well-known for its high-performance, commercial-grade interactive multi-touch displays and Digital Engines, which have for years powered enterprise digital signage applications, and evolved powering a variety of smart applications, with an expanded strategic focus on delivering next-generation solutions to meet the demands of a data-driven market. Many of the clients approaching AOPEN require sophisticated solutions across three important application types—smart kiosks, machine vision, and AIoT—products and technologies that the team at AOPEN have an expanse of experience handling. In addition to its expertise and unparalleled smart product performance across industrial and commercial applications, they bring cross-platform options, seeing that they are the only provider of Commercial Chrome solutions.

“As the only provider of Commercial Chrome solutions, AOPEN shares a unique, multi-tiered relationship with Google for product design, engineering support, and customer engagement,” says Aaron Pompey, General Manager at AOPEN. While the partnership with Google is an essential element for the firm, they also work on delivering a high-touch approach to all their alliances across other platforms, including Microsoft and Linux. A fully-fledged and well-equipped research and development team with an in-depth knowledge of direct project support and direct engineering support takes care of tailoring and customizing the solutions for their consumers.

As the only provider of Commercial Chrome solutions, AOPEN shares a unique, multi-tiered relationship with Google for product design, engineering support, and customer engagement

Enterprise brands are looking for solution models that offer both on-premise and cloud options, especially to power sophisticated applications such as machine vision and machine learning. The ability to capture precise data to provide cutting-edge solutions has become a norm, especially as actionable data is paramount for the success of any brand. Flexible models, in general, and the idea of XaaS (everything-as-a-service) is not about affordability; it is about the rates of adoption and the ability to grow with both partners and customers. “In those verticals where AOPEN has seen tremendous success—healthcare, hospitality, retail, and QSR—technology upgrades are more than a wow factor than they are about core business growth,” states Pompey.

The AOPEN mission statement demonstrates what is at the core of its business model: partnerships. They are proud to be associated with the Mall of America, the largest retail and entertainment destination in the U.S. AOPEN in association with Express Image produced a customized commercial-grade wayfinding directory for them. The list facilitated better customer data analytics and ensured brands that consumers are served with a unique shopping experience.

Going forward, AOPEN is continually focused on developing applications that drive digital transformation initiatives, including AIoT, Commercial Chrome solutions, machine vision, and smart kiosks.