ShipStation: Now Simply Click and Ship, with ShipStation

Shipstation: Now Simply Click And Ship, With Shipstation

Many online retailers find shipping processes complex, confusing, and time consuming. “At ShipStation, our goal is to simplify the shipping process for online merchants. We combine order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in an easy to use, web-based interface that integrates directly with major carriers and online platforms,” begins Nathan Jones, CEO, ShipStation. Headquartered in Austin, TX, ShipStation, offers web based shipping solutions that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. ShipStation consolidates orders from over 70 e-commerce channels, creates shipping labels, packing slips, communicates tracking information to customers, provides endless automation, filters, and views, and wireless printing.

Shipping solutions from ShipStation integrates seamlessly with major online marketplaces, payment gateways, mail carriers, and shopping cart solutions that include Amazon, Shopify, eBay, PayPal, Sears, Newegg, and many more. Its intuitive ‘Custom Store Integration’ enables clients to synchronize orders within ShipStation in a single click and sends shipment and tracking information updates to the marketplace or cart when the label is created. It also provides another option for integration through the ShipStation API, which allows clients to build applications that line within the ShipStation platform. The API can automate many tasks such as managing orders, shipments, creating shipping labels, and retrieving shipping rates, thereby, relieving clients from the niggling chores of copying and pasting to create a label. Furthermore, ShipStation supports all major carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL Express, FBA and more, that enables clients to ship their products via their preferred choice.

“You can mix and match creating labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, OnTrac, and others in batches of hundreds of labels at a time. All labels can be printed from a single application – there’s no need for add-on tools such as UPS WorldShip,” explains Jones. Moreover, the solution allows clients to choose the best price by retrieving real-time shipping rates from various carriers.

ShipStation is on a mission to make every seller, wherever they sell and however they ship, exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders

Another handy feature of the solution is wireless printing through ShipStation Connect, which gives clients the ability to print labels in a few clicks. With ShipStation, clients can process and print packing slips, pick lists and hundreds of labels in a single batch using their local printer or any printer, located anywhere in the world. The company has also launched a mobile app, the ShipStation Companion, which is available on Android and iOS.

“You aren’t always tied to your work computer, so why should ShipStation?” says Jones. The mobile app helps clients to import orders, print labels, add tags and notes, track shipments, send notification emails, and check analytics, when they are away from office. Since the solution is entirely web-based and hosted in the cloud, clients do not have to worry about installing software, upgrading, or backing up their data. It works on both PCs as well as Macs and can be logged in from any web browser to manage orders, create shipping labels, and view real-time reports.

“ShipStation is on a mission to make every seller, wherever they sell and however they ship, exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders,” notes Jones. The company founded in 2011, has come a long way to become one of the leading players in the market by providing out of the box features for its clients. The company’s sole focus is on the customer with its vision to build the best shipping software. Moving ahead, the company looks to make shipping more quicker and easier for online retailers.