ComplianceQuest: Unlocking the Power of Modern Cloud Quality

Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer
In the highly competitive enterprise environment that is prevalent today, businesses are constantly formulating better customer relationship management strategies. Salesforce has for quite some time, been the go-to CRM solution owing to its increased efficacy, automation, and cost-effectiveness in customer engagement and its trademark ability to bring a cloud-first approach to traditional business processes. ComplianceQuest shares its DNA with Salesforce and has harnessed the capability to offer an entirely modern cloud-based EQMS solution to the manufacturing world. The EQMS platform kick-starts the growth and digital experience of manufacturing companies by empowering them to manage quality in a collaborative supply chain.

Over the years, the manufacturing industry has not only seen swift transformations with the advent of Industry 4.0 and IIoT, but also an increasing focus on quality management at an enterprise-level to improve both revenue, and bottom line efficiency. ComplianceQuest’s EQMS introduces a layer of innovation in Salesforce’s tools to manage workflow, tasks, electronic signatures and audit trail. One such stroke of innovation is the mobility aspect of the ComplianceQuest EQMS solution that enables operators on the shop floor to easily record and access quality, safety and compliance data from any device. Data is streamed from various systems, such as ERPs, CRM and Salesforce AppExchange solutions with easy integrations by ComplianceQuest. Mobility in data access is complemented with connectivity that ComplianceQuest has embedded in its solutions through Salesforce’s collaborative tools. Shop floor managers can discuss with suppliers and other users through Chatter and Community-portals about compliance issues to seek real-time solutions. “Using Salesforce tools (Chatter, community-portals), ComplianceQuest improves supplier collaboration, and minimizes manual data and email exchange, to quickly resolve issues,” explains Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer at ComplianceQuest.

With all these capabilities, ComplianceQuest’s customers reap the benefits of digitizing highly manual practices and enabling ubiquity of data access. For smaller companies heading toward digitization, ComplianceQuest recommends starting with a combination of document, change and training management solutions—the foundation for quality standards such as ISO 9001.

Using Salesforce tools (Chatter, community-portals), ComplianceQuest improves supplier collaboration, and minimizes manual data and email exchange, to quickly resolve issues

ComplianceQuest’s rapid implementation, dubbed “ABCD” (Agile-Based CQ Deployment), makes deployment simple and easy while helping users configure the solution to meet their specific business requirements. Start-ups are usually hesitant when it comes to adopting radical market strategies; however, “our solutions are highly flexible, enabling us to work with the small companies in the same way we work with larger enterprises,” says Nikki. ComplianceQuest also conducts design and training workshops to help users define their business outcome needs and determine how they can reach their goals. With the help of the ABCD methodology, ComplianceQuest assists its customers and executes the configuration stage with a careful eye on user needs.

On the large enterprise market side, ComplianceQuest worked with an automotive company (> 40,000 employees) and helped them replace their legacy quality management application by developing and implementing a global standardized system. ComplianceQuest supported their global user base with an EQMS platform that is available in over 18 languages, and will be integrated with SAP, to enable next-gen collaboration between their global supplier base and their logistics teams.

Nikki says that it is always a busy week for the company, as they are scouting for different avenues to play with and she highlights that there are newer capabilities being added in areas like manufacturing quality, supplier management, customer services, and health and safety. The company serves all around the globe. With a will to transform and the technology to enable the transformation, ComplianceQuest is all set to change the paradigm of quality management for manufacturers worldwide.


Tampa, FL

Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer

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