Computop: Enabling Global Payments Processing

Andre Malinowski, Head of International Business
When it comes to converting a shopper into a buyer, it’s the provisioning of the right payment methods and right checkout experience that’s a game changer for international businesses. There’s one company that has grasped this fact much earlier than competitors in the industry by identifying a pattern in achieving sales conversion and consumer reach, and it’s been helping merchants grow their business over the last 20 years. With over 150 unique domestic payment methods and connections to over 50 local and global acquiring banks, Computop was founded to help merchants tackle country-specific and channel-specific payment issues while enabling their growth as their omnichannel strategy evolves.

André Malinowski, the head of international business at Computop, explains how it gets challenging for organizations to expand geographically with the increase in complexity of the global consumer markets.

“It’s important to consider the different social and business structures, diverse government policies, and varying preferences from a plethora of emerging innovative payment methods like e-wallets, EMV cards, and mobile payment applications. Although web technology allows for online shopping, a simple localized website is certainly not enough for retailers to help them with lead conversion. Choosing the right payment partner drives the success of a merchant. Computop extends a merchant’s market or customer reach by providing truly localized shopping experiences with regional and domestic payment options and processing,” says Malinowski.

With acquirer connections worldwide, Computop enables the provisioning of global payment processing with local solutions, through its server-based software, Paygate, which offers integrated fraud prevention, tokenization, currency conversion, and standardized settlement files for all payment types enabling automated accounting. With its diverse experience and understanding of the global payments market, Computop offers processing of several payment methods including credit and debit cards, online banking, e-wallets, and Bitcoin.

Computop has played a prominent role in the revenue growth of several global businesses, which include illyCaffè, an Italian espresso brand that exports its coffee blend to more than 140 countries.

Computop extends a merchant’s market or customer reach by providing truly localized shopping experiences with regional and domestic payment options and processing

By developing an e-commerce and MOTO (Mail Order/ Telephone Order) solution across illyCaffè’s core markets, Computop improved its customer’s subscription business, managed multiple complexities that arose while processing recurring payments, and enhanced its MOTO option. As a result, illyCaffè’s subscription turnover program was increased by 20 percent in Europe. To support illyCaffè’s expansion into the Chinese marketplace, Computop— with its existing partnerships in China, like Alipay—implemented its Paygate solution, enabling customers to access online payments via third-party Chinese payment portals.

For a real omnichannel experience, Computop offers contactless card terminals with PCI point-to-point-encryption. P2PE is a special type of encryption for debit and credit card data which prevents data from being compromised. With the Computop terminals in use, in-store payments integrate completely into the handling of e-commerce and MOTO transactions and give omnichannel merchants a total overview over their business. For merchants who use the PCI P2PE Standard, the solution reduces their need to gain PCI certification for their IT systems to almost zero.

With the evolution of newer trends each day, like inclusion of biometric authentication or fingerprint sensor for bank cards, “enhancement” has been the key principle of Computop, resulting in its expansion throughout the world including the U.S., UK, and Southeast Asia and partnerships with companies like Fossil, C&A, Metro Cash & Carry, and Samsung. “Retailers no longer have to be afraid to approach a global expansion, as our customers can connect with us anytime, and with a one-time integration, the whole world opens up for them,” adds Malinowski.


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Andre Malinowski, Head of International Business

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