Conexus Solutions: On Track to Help Companies Innovate Faster

Akshay Kapadia, Founder and CEO
Since its recognition as CIOReview’s 20 most promising pharma and life sciences solution providers for 2018, Conexus Solutions has experienced 150 percent growth, and the company is leaving no stone unturned to keep up the winning streak. Placed firmly in the market as the partner of choice for small and medium-sized pharma and life sciences companies, Conexus is broadening its scope in the areas of outsourced sales operations, CRM implementation, data management, reporting, and analytics for its clients. In that pursuit, the company has several irons in the fire. Besides offering high-quality solutions to support the commercial and clinical operations of its clients, the company is exploring new realms, taking its value proposition to the next level.

“To begin with, we are taking our services upstream, supporting pharma and life sciences companies that have their products not only in the commercialization stage but also in the clinical trials and R&D stage,” says Akshay Kapadia, Founder and CEO of Conexus. Over the last 12 months, the company has had a decent exposure to clinical trials and R&D. In addition, it now has access to domain experts whom it engages for core services as well as operational support. Meanwhile, Conexus has plans to build the required talent in-house for greater value delivery.

Building on its data analytics and reporting capabilities, Conexus is planning to offer new data science services to deliver quality insights for companies from different industries, including pharma and life sciences. “With our new big data services, we aim to enable our clients with access to all the data sources, including those related to web search,” says Praveen Chandrashekhar, CIO of Conexus.

What’s more, Conexus will be offering cloud services that include business software solutions implementation and ongoing operational support for companies from different industries. At the heart of its new set of services is the company’s mission to deliver services that are cost-effective, nimble, and agile.

“We continue to stand by our ideology of ‘we service what we sell’,” says Kapadia, a recognized Veeva Hero. Under Kapadia’s leadership, Conexus has won several accolades for its preconfigured and customizable solutions.
Praveen Chandrashekhar , CIO
“We not only guide our clients to make the right technology decision through our unique consulting strategy but also offer complete end-to-end support for our clients, from implementation to ongoing support of the solution.”

With our new big data services, we aim to enable our clients with access to all the data sources, including those related to web search

As a Veeva services partner, with multiple certifications, Conexus offers the Conexus Turnkey Solution “CTS,” which is a pre-configured version of Veeva that allows clients to implement the CRM solution without having to start from scratch. Basically, it deploys an instance of the Veeva platform, which is pre-configured to fit the client’s requirements. The CTS configuration enables its customers with faster implementations and more functionality at lower costs. “We customize CTS to the nuances of each client’s business and make it easy for them to implement a particular solution,” says Kapadia. “We bypass the time that is traditionally spent on identifying the basic features and focus on the value-added ones.” Interestingly, the CTS pricing includes ongoing support, so the company does not write change orders for the customization that the client asks for, which further supports the client’s budgets.

A client-centric firm, Conexus aims to transform the business of its growing clientele by helping them achieve strategic excellence. The company aims to help its clients stride ahead in lockstep with industry developments and maintain an edge in the market.

Conexus Solutions

Newyork, NY

Akshay Kapadia, Founder and CEO and Praveen Chandrashekhar , CIO

Implements and manages a full suite of solutions to support commercial operations for pharma and life science companies