Connixt: Mobile Process Automation for Dynamic Utilities

G Satish, CEO & Co-founder
Utilities today are scouting for solutions that equip their systems with condition-based maintenance, mobile work management and scheduling, rapid onboarding, and integration of temporary workers. California-based Connixt provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based mobile solutions that connect utilities with the field—whether those connections be with workers, assets, or contractors—for field inspection and services, asset maintenance, work order management or damage assessment. The origins of Connixt can be traced back to their founders recognizing the potential of leveraging cloud and mobile technologies to develop, deploy, and maintain enterprise utility solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of typical enterprise solutions. “Connixt intends to tap into mobile’s unique capabilities, far beyond what utilities can do today with laptops, special-purpose devices and even the web; to traverse unexplored areas such as automated maintenance,” explains G Satish, Co- Founder and CEO, Connixt.

The architecture underlying Connixt’s iMarq™ suite of modular apps enables deployment within days, at a fixed flat monthly fee—unusual in an industry long used to long deployment cycles, high total cost of ownership, and unpredictable ROI. As the utilities don’t have to invest in hardware or software, there are no related maintenance or infrastructure overheads. Most importantly, utilities need make no changes to their back-end systems (iMarq integrates seamlessly with most CMMS and other systems); and in case of smaller utilities, they don’t even need back-end systems. Once the deployment is completed typically within two days, authorized users can securely download iMarq and after authentication, start using them right away.

Questioning their own product approaches and processes, the folks at Connixt are always on a constant quest to innovate. “Our bywords are simple, smart and easy—words that are rarely used in the enterprise software context – and those are values that guide us in every bit of software we create,” delineates Prabu Ekambaram, Co-founder and CTO, Connixt.
One of the instances had a large water utility implementing Connixt’s mobile solution to handle its on-field service requests. Connixt configured iMarq within days to handle self-service requests from the field and integrated the solution with their legacy back-end system that handled service tickets. The firm’s pre-built solution allayed the utility’s dilemma of implementing a custom developed solution or adopting a platform from their incumbent enterprise system vendor that would have needed additional development.

Connixt values its client-partnerships to deliver solutions that help them innovate, even when it means some of the needs are initially not entirely defined. “Our key differentiator is our deep enterprise knowledge coupled with a narrow focus on customer business needs rather than technology,” emphasizes Ekambaram. Not wanting to be stereotyped as another “app company” or “mobile platform”, the company specializes in leveraging the available technologies—cloud and mobile—to efficiently automate utility industry-specific processes. As an extension, Connixt also offers a family of apps that focus on procurement, inventory and material movement in the field.

Prabu Ekambaram, Co-founder & CTO
Moving ahead, Connixt will continue to focus on the Utilities space while expanding into aligned verticals such as construction. The firm is also working with transit agencies that have similar requirements. The next frontier for Connixt from a technology perspective is the Internet of Things (IoT) including out-of-the-box integration with sensors to facilitate remote-monitoring of assets for condition assessment, condition based maintenance, and automatic creation of service orders based on asset status. “So let’s just say Connixt is at the intersection of human beings, assets, mobility, and cloud!” concludes Satish.


Cerritos, CA

G Satish, CEO & Co-founder and Prabu Ekambaram, Co-founder & CTO

Delivers cloud-based, pre-built mobile solutions for utilities