Content Guru: Cloud-Based Communications Integration Services to the Enterprise Market

Sean Taylor, Managing Director
As the era of the call centre comes to an end and the age of the multi-channel Customer Engagement Hub edges ever closer, customers and colleagues increasingly expect and demand a consistent experience across every method of communication.

Organizations across all sectors are facing substantial pressure to deliver this cross-channel coherence, whether by providing customers with the same information over web, email, SMS, voice or other channels, or by ensuring that colleagues are able to quickly collaborate through social networks whilst file-sharing related content using WebRTC.

However, combining traditional forms of communication such as voice with new, IP-based technologies such as web chat often poses severe organizational and technological challenges, as most channels and existing systems are not designed to interoperate with similar infrastructure at different sites, or with different technologies. Organizations therefore often face issues such as operating isolated, on-premise switchboards at each of their sites while requiring colleagues to log on to a separate web chat or internal communications system, a different email client, multiple disparate social media interfaces, and also a variety of different CRM and ERP systems, all of which contain fundamentally incompatible data.

Headquartered in Bracknell, UK, Content Guru takes advantage of the cloud model of its storm® Communications Integration™ platform to solve these issues and deliver true Unified Communications, with complete consistency across channels, systems and information resources. storm delivers communications through IM, WebRTC, SMS, email, social media, voice and web, with all channels centralized and treated in the same way.

Its flagship product, storm CONTACT, leverages the principles of Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM) with factors such as agent skills, knowledge and even personality to route interactions through the best possible resource. This technology, iACD® (intelligent Automated Contact Distribution) optimizes both the speed and quality of contact handling. This solution can be deployed in a range of configurations, such as an integrated add-on to existing infrastructure or as a fully cloud-based standalone contact centre, delivering intelligence across multiple channels.
Many organizations also need to integrate with third-party systems such as CRM and ERP to automatically deliver relevant and consistent data cross-organization. By integrating with effectively any existing third-party system, storm enables users to break down the traditional barriers to adoption of Unified Communications. Instead of communications estates restrained by systems which cannot interoperate, leading to inconsistent information across different channels and sites, storm allows data to seamlessly feed between existing systems, or into new services such as integrated SMS.

Sean Taylor, CEO of Content Guru, comments:

“Unified Communications has been rapidly picking up momentum over the past three to four years, pushing it to a high priority on CIO’s list. One of the key drivers comes from end users, who now demand to communicate instantly, anytime, and anywhere.

Furthermore, the proliferation of mobile devices, easy access to bandwidth and the simple, intuitive and powerful ways that social media services enable us to communicate have forced enterprise and government to up their game in terms of the way they interact with their customers and citizens.

“Our storm platform’s key differentiators in the UC space are its cloud model, flexibility and integration options. We have over 2,000 services running live on storm and have carried out hundreds of successful integrations with all kinds of systems, enabling our customers to create complete consistency between their multi-channel communications and information resources. A critical part of our business strategy is our R&D arm, Redwood Technologies, which ensures we continually develop new innovations to keep our technology ahead of the curve.

“The latest of these innovations is integration to WebRTC, an up-and-coming browser-to-browser communication technology. I believe that WebRTC is going to have a significant impact on the communication market and once general consumers are aware of it, it’s going to really lift off.”

Content Guru

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Sean Taylor, Managing Director

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