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Andrew F Bach

Chief Architect for the Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks

Andy has been Chief Architect for the Financial ServicesTeam at Juniper Networks, Inc. since June 2012. Prior to joining Juniper,he was SVP, Global Head of Network Services, at the New York StockExchange (NYSE Euronext) where he was responsible for planning thecompany¹s worldwide networks, voice and cellular services, and led thedesign and deployment of Data Center solutions.  Mr. Bach was responsiblefor planning Juniper's worldwide networks that link all NYSE, SecuritiesIndustries Automation Corporation (SIAC), the American Stock Exchange

(AMEX), Pacific Stock Exchange, Archipelago, LIFFE and European cashmarkets, as well as the national markets system networks SIAC operates.

He sat on the board of the Promise Fund at Polytechnic University in New YorkCity, where he also was an adjunct professor for graduate studies innetworking.  Currently he is also the chair of the Center for AdvancedTechnology in Telecommunications(CATT) advisory board at the University.

In 2000, he won the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award for hisrole in the integration of IP multicasting technology in the financialservices industry. Mr. Bach also holds multiple patents in communicationstechnologies and received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineeringfrom the Pratt Institute.

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