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Ashley Smith

MD, Navigant

Ashley Smith is a Managing Director within Navigant’s Legal Technology Solutions practice. Ashley’s national and international expertise has supported counsel and their clients through all phases of the litigation lifecycle. She has been responsible for the strategy, design, implementation, and enforcement of litigation management protocols focusing on flexible technology solutions. Ashley is a trusted expert and advisor to her clients, which include AmLaw 100 firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Ashley brings deep insights to complex issues involving electronic discovery and project management. She has utilized her expertise to develop proven and efficient methodologies for large scale review matters. Ashley has on-the-ground experience conducting data collections in some of the world’s most complex regulatory environments, including, but not limited to, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. She is an expert on issues involving data privacy and international collection logistics. In addition, she has managed multiple complex projects in North America, Europe and Asia involving hundreds of millions of documents and thousands of reviewers worldwide.

Ashley focuses on client solutions that bring together forensic experts, structured data analysts, and data processing technicians to develop and deploy custom solutions for complex electronic discovery projects. She has successfully integrated Technology Assisted Review technology into project workflows to defensibly and efficiently reduce data volume an d project cost.

As a leading expert, Ashley is a regular speaker, and often publishes on eDiscovery processes and technologies.

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