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Ashwin Krishnan

SVP Product Management and Strategy , HyTrust

Ashwin Krishnan is Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy at HyTrust. Previously he was Sr. Director of Products for the Software Networking Business at Brocade. Prior to that, he was VP of Product Management at Versa Networks (an SDN startup). He spent over 8 years as Sr. Director of Products leading the security business product management function at Juniper Networks. He held a variety of senior product management, architecture and engineering management roles at Nokia focusing on core infrastructure, service control and intelligent subscriber gateway products.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences (MWC, VMWorld, TIA etc.) and an avid blogger on all aspects of security, cloud, SDN & NFV. He has co-authored a book on “Mobile Device Security for Dummies” published by Wiley.’

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