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Avi Kalderon

Managing Partner, Practice Leader, Big Data & Analytics, NewVantage Partners

Avi Kalderon is Partner and National Practice Leader for Financial Services Data Strategy, Big Data, Data Governance, and Analytics at NewVantage Partners.   Avi brings extensive experience as a business leader and technology executive. Most recently, Avi served as senior vice president and head of the architecture and advanced technology group for FINRA (the Financial Services Regulatory Authority).

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Big data lakes have created a lot of change, a lot of angst and a lot of opportunity. Among those opportunities is a different way of looking at–and creating–insights for transforming your business. When done correctly, you can increase the speed and agility in which you measure your performance and course-correct to adapt to the fast changing business...
As the concept of big data matures, there is a shift underway in how it has socialized and subsequently implemented at all organizational levels. It can make people nervous, but disruptive technologies require openness to disruptive methods like big data selfies. Consider the Selfie recently introduced as a new concept in photography, where it disrupted how you...