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Ben Brennan

IT Director, Oath

Ben Brennan is a former psychotherapist and a self-taught IT expert. He blended his knack for repairing computers with his deep knowledge of interpersonal communication to carve out an important new niche in IT. Brennan has consulted for some of the country’s leading tech firms, including Box, Yahoo, Twitter, Jawbone, and AOL and has shown them how great communication, clearly defined and measurable goals, and an irreverent sense of humor can revolutionize a company’s IT department. Brennan is currently Director of IT for Oath, Inc.

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Technology is our business, and technology has changed. A lot. The customers we support have changed too. They walk around with computers in their pockets with better processors than our desktops used to have. Normal “nontechnical” people use laptops to watch live TV, book their travel, and talk to friends across the ocean. The days when we had to teach...