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Bill Menger

Director of High Performance Computing, Ion

Bill holds BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Geophysics from Texas A&M University (1977). He was a nuclear engineer on US Navy Submarines for five years.  Bill then joined Conoco R&D working in magnetotellurics, multi-component seismic, and development of a seismic processing system for the Cray X-MP. He moved to Houston with Conoco's Advance Exploration group, building a worldwide database of all its oil and gas data using a distributed database. After a stint in Lafayette as data management supervisor, he left Conoco to join Applied Geophysical Software, where he wrote geophysical software for multiple suppression, model-building, tomography, and depth migration. Bill rejoined Conoco in 1998 and assisted with the rewrite of Conoco’s seismic processing system.  From the ConocoPhillips merger in 2002 until March 2009 he supervised a geophysical software and HPC group.  At ConocoPhillips, Bill was instrumental in obtaining open source licensing for CPS (the processing system)  and GeoCraft, a framework for general purpose geophysical software. Bill is co-founder, former board member, and past President of the Society of HPC Professionals.  Prior to coming to ION, Bill worked at Fusion Technology and Global Geophysical.  At ION Bill manages a team of thirteen and a budget of $20MM

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Today many are touting their abilities with High Performance Computing (HPC). HPC is seemingly found everywhere – Big Pharma, Wall Street Trading, Government Labs, Social Media, Big Data Search Engines, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Aeronautics and other fields. But is HPC really HPC or is it - just perhaps - Brute Force Computing? A second question should follow,...