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Brian Hicks

Director ERP PLM, USANA Health Sciences

Brian Hicks, the Director of ERP & PLM within USANA Health Sciences IT team, has spent the past 13 and half years in various roles including product forecasting, product configuration, product lifecycle and supply chain management.  Throughout his time with USANA he has continually focused on systematic process improvement across the entire enterprise with an emphasis on product lifecycle management.  Prior to USANA, Brian worked for the North American sales team for Iomega in sales operations. 

Latest from Brian Hicks

How has your Product Lifecycle Management model changed during the last five years? The foundational structure of USANA PLM model has not changed much over the past five years. The intent of the PLM model within USANA was initially designed to simplify and facilitate the flow of processes surrounding product, quality, and document management. While the core purpose...