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Bryce Barnes

Sr Manager-Connected Machines and Robots, Cisco

Bryce Barnes, Senior Manager Connected Machines and Robots is responsible for solution, product development and go to market for Connected Machines and Robots globally under Cisco’s Industries Solutions Group(IPG).  Bryce brings together a unique background combining of years of experience in Manufacturing, Engineering, Systems Architecture, and Business Process to lead Cisco’s Internet of Things Digital Machine and Robot strategy.  Across the spectrum of his career Bryce has led and driven many large and complex engineering engagements. Bryce’s early work as an applications engineer working manufacturing set the tone early on for an intense focus on integrated systems design in demanding manufacturing environments.

In Bryce’s previous role at Cisco he focused his talents around building a highly skilled team of manufacturing architects driving Cisco’s vision and practice around manufacturing excellence.  His background uniquely suits him to the task of building transformational architectures and frameworks with the goal of helping Cisco deliver industry relevant solution architectures that will re-shape manufacturing as we know it today.

Mr. Barnes has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics and a discipline focus on heat transfer design and mechanical systems.  His 18 years at Cisco span many engineering, architecture, product Development, and sales roles.  Bryce will continue focusing on driving IoT cutting edge architectures across the manufacturing, energy and transportation verticals in the foreseeable future.

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