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Colin Boyd

CIO, Joy Global Inc

Colin Boyd has the distinction of being an IT leader who successfully deliveredtwo global business transformations.  His professional contributions include the formation of Sony Europe IT, consolidating multiple national European systems into a single European SAP platform.

Colin is currently the CIO at Joy Global where he is busy implementing big data platforms to support the transformation of Joy Global’s product offerings.

Previously, Coin was the CIO for Johnson Controls, where he led a modernization and transformation program for their ITplatforms:consolidating datacenters, implementing global cloud platforms (Microsoft, Workday,, creating global cybersecurity teams, and supporting M&A transactions, acquisitions and divestitures. 

As an Initial member of the Sony executive team, Colin partnered with Ericsson to create the Sony Ericsson joint venture in 2001. As Corporate Vice President and CIO, he created an innovative, standalone IT organizationwith a global SAP platform. Within six years, revenue grew from $4 billion to $16billion with repayment of all parent company investments.

Prior to 2001, he was General Manager of IS Operations for Sony Europe, and held roles with British Telecomm, IBM and Logica.

Colin holds an MSc in Information Technology from the University of London and a BSc in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Nottingham.Colin and his family now live in Mequon, Wisconsin. 

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