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Daniel M Horton

CIO, Sallyport Global

Daniel M. Horton has spent 25+ years contributing to technology solutions, with a strong background in security, compliance, infrastructure, and operations.  He is the Chief Information Officer at Sallyport Global (; which specializes in enabling operations within complex environments by providing expertise in life and logistics support, base operations and maintenance, security and risk management, and construction. 

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With the amount of data and analytics we now have available, we are in a great position to fully understand every part of what makes our companies succeed. Advances in features, data mining tools, and mobile devices have made it possible for you to have access to key information when you need it, where you need it, and in the format, you need it. That is the power of...
Configuration management refers to the process of addressing changes to a system, in a systematic way, to maintain its integrity. Left unchecked, configuration items progress towards a state of disarray. Look at your configuration management like the upkeep of your lawn. There are several items that need to be configured and tracked on a different timetable. Whether...