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David L Stevens

CIO, Maricopa County

Mr. David L. Stevens currently serves as the Chief Information Officer for Maricopa County, AZ. He has presented at national conferences and is published in a variety of magazines, as well as serving on a number of advisory boards and committees.

Mr. Stevens is passionate about relational capital, earning trust, building excellent teams and delivering technology that impacts the business. He is a dynamic executive leader focused on delivering value through smart technology investments. Mr. Stevens understands that people are the most important asset to any company and he labors to build a culture of success and high performing teams who are capable of delivering first-class customer service. Mr. Stevens’ commitment and passion for cyber security leadership, executive education and employee awareness continues to be an area of focus and energy in order to improve security capabilities and cross sector collaboration.

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Cyber Security has increasingly become more important to an organizations’ ability to conduct business. This stems from the high visibility associated with large data breaches that have been reported by various fortune 500 companies. As a result, organizations are realizing at an increasing rate, that the ability to stem the risk of Cyber Attackers may be directly...