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David Lingenfelter

Information Security Officer, MaaS360 by IBM

David is a seasoned security professional with 20 years’ experience in risk management, information security, compliance, policy development and is a noted expert and thought leader in mobile security. He is responsible for oversight of all security and compliance aspects of IBM MaaS360, including physical, application, network and data security. David has successfully managed IBM MaaS360 through multiple industry certifications. David helped design IBM MaaS360’s cloud architecture model, and is an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance including co-chair for their Mobile Working Group and contributor to the development of the CSA Cloud Control Matrix.

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Who remembers the war  between employees and  their IT departments  when the thought of  bringing your own  device (BYOD) to  work first emerged? I know CIOs remember it vividly because it represents the moment when the discussion around control of enterprise endpoints shifted forever. It pushed the boundaries of what IT departments could...