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David Swanson

Global Lead SAP Runs SAP HR, SAP

David Swanson has over 25 years of human resources management experience. He is currently the executive vice president of human resources for SAP partnering with the company’s sales organization to showcase how SAP is using SAP HR. Most recently he was the CHRO for North America where he lead the HR Business Partner team. In addition he has held executive human resources roles at a number of technology companies supporting global development, marketing, sales and service organizations.

Swanson is a panelist and keynote speaker on the Future of HR focusing on how HR can make an impact in the business through analytics and big data not just activity reporting. He is actively involved in the human resources community as a board member of the Bay Area Human Resources Executive Council, an adjunct lecturer with the University of California, Santa Cruz Extension, and with the Society of Human Resources Management and the NCHRA as both a presenter and facilitator. 

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