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Devin Gharibian Saki

Chief Solution Officer, Redwood Software

Calling on 10 years of experience in SAP, having worked as a technology consultant, project manager and process advisor, Devin brings a wealth of process automation experience to Redwood that he brings to bear daily on both internal and external audiences.
In his capacity as CSO at Redwood, Devin is responsible for ensuring that their Robotic Solutions meet the actual customer demand in the Robotised Enterprise™ and, when delivered, that these solutions are implemented with the highest quality either solely through Redwood, or in collaboration with partners.
Calling on his diploma in Mathematics and understanding of the typical challenges that large organizations are facing in managing their processes, Devin solves complex problems by developing the appropriate process automation strategies using a combination of SAP ERP and technology skills, Process Optimization proficiencies and knowledge of robotization technologies.
He also holds two patents for good measure.

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