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Edward Wustenhoff

CTO and Head of Product Development, Burstorm

Edward Wustenhoff is a technology executive with extensive experience in IT strategy development and management, Cloud Service provider profiling and product development.

Most recently he developed the Burstorm CAD for IT application which allows IT architects for the 1st time to collaborate on architectures while having real-time feedback on the economic impact of such designs by being able to map and match Cloud Service Solutions and performance data directly into the designs.

He has hands-on experience in designing, deploying and managing complex information technology (IT) infrastructures in context of BioTech, HPC, Cloud Service Provider (AWS Google, Azure, Openstack, etc), computer manufacturing and semiconductor industries. 

Latest from Edward Wustenhoff

About 7 years ago, when I was in charge of the design and operation of a large HPC cluster, I was asked by my mentor “why are you not using AWS?” I had to agree, our workloads were distributed over a long queue with different characteristics and using compute andstorage as a service seemeda very attractive model for parts of it. However, at that time there...