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Frank Orozco

Vice President Engineering, Verizon Digital Media Services

Frank Orozco has served as Verizon Digital Media Services’ vice president engineering since 2015. He is responsible for the software and data platforms that power the company's global infrastructure, ensuring the performance, reliability and resiliency of the Edgecast Content Delivery Network. Orozco joined the company as director of the web platform team and was quickly promoted to vice president engineering, overseeing all software and data development efforts in the organization. He is certified in a number of enterprise agile methodologies and is a member of the LA CTO Forum, a local invite-only network comprising locally based senior technology executives.

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Ever tried to cook in a kitchen of a vacation rental? The spatulas are over there, the knives are somewhere else and the cheese grater apparently doesn’t exist. No one person can figure out a holistic view of the situation. That was us at Verizon Digital Media Services, before our Master Data Management (MDM) system came along. We had a solution for...