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Gary Angel

Principal, Advisory Services, Advanced Analytics - Digital Analytics, EY

Digital Analytics Center of Excellence

Considered one of the leading digital measurement experts in the world, Gary leads EY’s Digital Analytics Practice. EY acquired Gary’s previous company in 2013. As President, Gary led Semphonic’s growth from a 2-person practice to the one of the leading digital analytics practices in the United States. Voted the most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association, Gary writes an influential blog (, has published numerous whitepapers on advanced digital analytics practice and is a frequent speaker at industry events. His book, Measuring the Digital World, was just published by the Financial Times Press.

Latest from Gary Angel

Remember the rolodex? The little circular card holders that used to be the de facto corporate repository of customer contact information? Pretty funny, right? But as pathetic as it seems, today’s state-of-the-art SaaS CRM systems are often no more than a very modest improvement. Today’s CRM solutions will do far more than a rolodex, but we don’t always...
With machine learning you just dump all your data into a fancy algorithm and everything gets sorted out. Right? Not quite. Analysts will tell you that they typically spend about 4/5s of a project munging data not analyzing it. And that percentage doesn’t necessarily change when it comes to machine learning. To get big data and machine learning right it’s...