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Gayle Samuelson Carpentier

Chief Business Development Officer, TechSoup Global

Gayle Samuelson Carpentier is the Chief Business Development Officer at TechSoup. Upon joining the organization in 2001 as the program’s founding Business Development lead, Ms. Carpentier developed the strategic structure of its product donation program. In her expanded role, Ms. Carpentier works with all sections of TechSoup to grow and maintain the unique focus of direct services and benefits to the nonprofit and civil society sector.

Prior to her time at TechSoup, Ms. Carpentier was owner and co-CEO of VYC Yacht Charters, director of sales and marketing for the San Francisco Business Times, and director of sales for The Healthcare Forum. She holds a BS in journalism and marketing from the University of Oregon. Her extensive experience in reporting and interviewing have been key to uncovering and developing the new sales models at TechSoup and its partner network.

Ms. Carpentier has served the community as a volunteer tutor for adult literacy, at local food banks, and also as a pro-bono consultant to several nonprofit organizations across the country seeking sales, sustainability, and market advice and direction. In addition, she has returned to her journalism background and begun writing about nonprofits, technology, and her unique spin on business development in her own blog and for other industry publications and sites.

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As TechSoup Global's Chief Business Development Officer, I have had the honor of working with hundreds of companies who wanted to donate their products and services to help nonprofits better deliver on their own missions. As part of this work, I have learned how important it is for nonprofits (or any business for that matter) to make sure they have a handle on their...