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Harsha Kikkeri

Director of Advanced Dev, Suitable Tech

Harsha Kikkeri is the Director of Advanced Development at Suitable Tech with over 15 years experience working on aerial and ground robots with expertise in drones, motion planning, localization and mapping, mobile manipulation, computer vision, augmented reality, sensor fusion and machine learning, Before Suitable, he did pioneering robotics research at Microsoft Research. He is passionate about using robotics technology to connect and bring happiness to people across the world (especially those with disabilities). He has won numerous leadership awards including Gold star from Microsoft and Excellence Award from Infosys, Bharat Petroleum Scholarship. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, NY and Bachelors from SJCE, Mysore, India.

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Imagine you are the VP of a successful tech company. You wake up in the morning in Maui, Hawaii. The sun is shining brightly and the seas are inviting. So you go out swimming in the ocean, enjoying the warm waters and beautiful coral reefs. You come home and at the click of a button, instantly teleport to your  company’s headquarters in New York, NY. ...