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Jason Raymer

Director-Sales, Bluegrass Cellular Inc.

Jason Raymer is a seasoned sales and operations manager, leader and strategist. He is no stranger to the fast pace world of the mobile industry, having spent the past eight years at Bluegrass Cellular, a leading wireless carrier in Central Kentucky.

As the Director of Sales, he is intimately familiar with all aspects of operations from sales to gross revenue. Jason has a great understanding for carrying the company’s profit and loss responsibility all while working to lower cost. He specializes in enhancing the company’sleadership development  by instilling performance management and development programs.He has also driven toimprove employee relations through corporate involvement and building solid incentive programs.

Jason’s passion forincreasing sales and productivity, as well as exceeding customer’s expectationsbegan with his education at University of Houston while studying Consumer Science and Merchandising. That passion only increased as he began his career in the world of big box retailers as a Customer Solutions Manager. This experience honed his skills of understanding the customer lifecycle as well as creating the best possible experience for customers. Jason is also known for building talented teams that are accomplished, customer focused, and energetic.

Jason is currently working towards a second Bachelor’s Degree from University of Louisville in Organizational Leadership.He is an avid University of Kentucky Basketball fan (Go CATS!), competitor of ironman triathlons, and enjoys fishing and seeking adventure in the great outdoors.

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